About the office

Located in the heart of Itaim Bibi, Integration’s São Paulo Office is our global headquarters for delivering strategy and management consultancy services.

Our team is integral to delivering projects at home in Brazil, as well as in Latin America, Europe and the US, assisting our global teams as they support our clients around the world.

Our local team, complimented by our international expertise is capable of supporting clients in the fields of Marketing & Sales, Finance & Management, Supply Chain, Sustainability and (strategy) Implementation.

Since our founding in 1995, Integration has delivered over 3000 projects for more than 800 clients within these fields. Many include household and international brands, for example Johnson & Johnson, Red Bull, Diageo, L’Oréal, PepsiCo, AmBev, Grupo Pão de Açúcar, Monsanto, BRF, Pátria Investimentos, Grupo Boticário, Pague Menos and Localiza. We enjoy building long-lasting relationships with many of our clients – for some we have even delivered over 50 projects!

Over the years, we have also had the pleasure of working with clients across many sectors, but in particular Consumer Goods (Food, Beverages, Beauty and Personal Care), Retail, Private Equity & Investments, Financial & Payments, Industrials, Agribusiness and Pharmaceuticals/Healthcare.

If you’d like to get in touch with our office or speak to one of our partners, please see more information below.


Andrea Aun

Andrea Aun is a founding partner at Integration and is recognized as an important female leader among Brazilian executives, participating in the LIDEM (Group of Leading Entrepreneurial Women) Executive Committee. She is an expert within the field of Marketing & Sales and Retail and has led over 100 projects in these areas. She continues to [...]

Augusto Ribeiro

Augusto Ribeiro is a partner at Integration and has been working since 2003 in the Marketing & Sales practice. Augusto built a solid international experience, leading and implementing strategic Marketing & Sales projects in industries ranging from Consumer Goods through Construction & Property Development to the Financial Industry, especially in the Private Equity sector.

Carlos Lima

Carlos Lima is the president of Integration and a founding partner. Carlos has worked with leading international companies across the globe as a consultant for the last 30 years and has developed a particular specialization in Marketing and Sales. He is considered an expert in the Consumer Goods sector and on the topics of Commercial [...]

Daniel Rodrigues

Daniel is a Partner within our Marketing & Sales practice and leader of Integration’s Tech & Digital Lab. Over the course of over 10 years with Integration, Daniel has helped clients from diverse industries and countries with digital and commercial challenges ranging from Go-to-Market Strategy to Commercial Due Diligence. Through his extensive business experience Daniel [...]

Francisco Pereira Leite

Francisco Pereira Leite is a partner and has been working within Integration since 1999. An all-rounder, Francisco has moved across our practices, working for the first eight years with focus in Supply Chain and then increasing his scope to the Finance & Management and Implementation areas. His experience over more than 150 projects includes Implementation [...]

Gilberto Sarian

Gilberto Sarian is a founding partner at Integration. Over the course of more than 25 years he has led the development of Integration`s award-winning Supply Chain practice, advising international clients across Latin America, Europe and USA. With a background in Engineering, he frequently participates in events and lectures across the world, to discuss latest trends [...]

Hugo Ribeiro

Hugo Ribeiro is a founding partner at Integration and can count on more than 30 years of experience in consulting. Hugo, who holds a post-graduate degree in Business Administration from Harvard University, is a senior specialist in the area of Finance & Management and frequently leads projects in Organizational Structure, Strategic Planning, M&A, Improvement of [...]

João Barros

João Barros is a partner at Integration and has been working since 2006 in our Supply Chain practice. During this period, he been instrumental to the practice's development in Integration's 7 offices around the world, contributing directly to its numerous awards in Brazil. He has led, and continues to lead on numerous projects in Planning, [...]

Luis C Vidal

Luis C Vidal is a partner at Integration where, since 1999, he has been working in the Supply Chain practice. During this period, he has led projects in the most diverse sectors and in themes such as Logistic Optimizations, Process Efficiency, Planning (S&OP), Industrial Strategy, Go-to-Market Strategy and Distribution Structure. His international experience encompasses the [...]

Paula Mercadante

Paula Mercadante is a partner at our office in São Paulo. She has almost 30 years of experience in consulting and is seen as an authority in leading complex projects such as Post-Merger Integrations, Carve-Outs, and the Recovery of Projects in Crisis. Across a varied career that has seen her move geographically across Latin America, [...]

Paulo Piccini

Paulo Piccini is a partner at Integration’s Finance & Management Practice and has been with the company since 2020. Paulo has over 18 years of experience in management consulting, business operating model optimization and working at the crossroads of business and technology. Before joining Integration, Paulo worked at Partners in Performance, Bain & Company and [...]

Renata Moura

Renata Moura is the partner responsible for the Leadership & Organization practice established in 2016. Renata has over 20 years of professional experience, having worked in 5 different companies and segments. She began her career at AMBEV in the consumer segment, then participated in the privatization of the telecommunications sector at OI and the consolidation [...]

Roger Saltiel

Roger Saltiel is a partner at Integration and has been working since 2002 in the Marketing & Sales practice. Considered an authority in the Indirect Channel and Partner Relationship Management (PRM), he is a member of the Associação Brasileira de Atacadistas e Distribuidores (ABAD) [Brazilian Association of Wholesalers and Distributors], working in the leadership of [...]

Alessandra Reganati

Alessandra Reganati is a director and has been working in our Supply Chain practice since 2014, helping our clients to overcome challenges related to logistics, planning and efficiency. She has worked with clients in industries as diverse as Consumer Goods, Petrochemicals, Healthcare, Retail, and others with projects such as S&OP redesign, Order-to-Cash process improvement, Inventory [...]

André Valente

André Valente is a senior director at Integration and a leader within the Marketing & Sales Practice. With nearly two decades of experience supporting clients across diverse sectors and geographies, André is a specialist in the topics of innovation management, digital and data solutions, go-to-market models, market-entry strategies and global marketing approaches.

Carolina Flores

Carolina Flores is a senior director an  has been working in our Finance & Management Practice since 2010, helping our clients across industries achieve important transformations. She has often been involved in projects of large and international scale supporting organizations to achieve their financial objectives through efficiency programmes, Organizational Structure changes, Synergy Evaluation and PMI [...]

Charlene Coltro

Charlene Coltro is a director within Integration's Supply Chain Practice. Her experience includes productivity projects, process optimization and simplification projects, value increase projects, and capability and knowledge sustainability projects. Charlene holds a degree in mechanical and production engineering from FEI, a master’s degree in production and operations management from Chalmers University of Technology and an [...]

Diogo Selingardi

Diogo Selingardi is a director and has been working in Integration's Implementation practice since 2011, supporting our clients across sectors, but in particular Private Equity, Financial Services and Consumer Goods. Across his time working in Implementation he has delivered and led complex projects related to M&A, PMI, synergy capture, cost reduction and strategic planning.

Ian Matiussi

Ian Matiussi is a director and joined Integration in 2010 and now has over a decade of experience, working in our Marketing & Sales Practice. Comfortable with a wide range of topics in this area, he is especially known for his expertise in strategic marketing initiatives such as Market Scans, Go-to-Market and Commercial Policy. His [...]

Jairo Pakes

Jairo Pakes is Director of Digital Solutions at Integration and has been with the company since 2007. He is specialized in key elements of the digitalization journey, including data management & automation, advanced modeling, digital dashboards, data-driven transformations and artificial intelligence solutions. Prior to joining Integration’s Tech & Digital practice, Jairo built experience through diverse […]

Jorge Gomes

Jorge Gomes is a senior director and a highly experienced professional in our Finance & Management practice having joined Integration in 2008. Jorge has travelled to countries around the world in support of our clients, leading projects related to revenue management, strategic planning, M&A and more. He has a well-rounded experience having completed multiple projects [...]

Letícia Molina

Letícia Molina is a director  at Integration's Implementation Practice and has been with the company since January 2023. Her experience includes acquisition and integration plan structuring in the school market, profitability and company restructuring.

Quentin Girard

Quentin Girard is a senior director and has worked in both our London and São Paulo Offices since 2013, specializing in Finance & Management projects. He has led engagements across a wide array of countries in Europe, South America and Central Asia. His primary experience includes projects related to Route to Market, Cost Efficiency, Cost-to-Serve [...]

Rodrigo Weiler

Rodrigo Weiler is a senior director at Integration and has been working for over 20 years in our Implementation practice. He is an authority in the implementation of transformational projects with great complexity and need for Change Management. His experience is diverse across industries, ranging from implementation in retail (e.g. of Go-to-Market Models, Category Management [...]

Vinicius Olivo

Vinicius Olivo is a director and brings a broad and deep understanding of our Marketing & Sales solutions since having joined Integration in 2011. He supported leading national and international organizations in Retail and Consumer Goods in building sustainable competitive advantage. His project experience ranges from Go-to-Market models, Market Scans, Customer Segmentation, Category Management and [...]

Ana Queiroz

Ana Queiroz is an engagement manager at Integration's Supply Chain Practice and has been with the company since January 2021. Much of her experience includes implementation, planning and logistics projects in the areas of cosmetics retail, food, mining and glass manufacturing. Her work has focused on structuring and developing analyses, support requirements, processes and tools, [...]

André Durso

Andre Durso is a senior lab manager at Integration and has been working since July 2016 in the Tech & Digital Lab practice. At Integration, Andre has worked with several methodologies, such as go-to-market, diagnosis and process restructuring, strategic planning and market sizing, among others, across sectors such as consumer goods, health, the furniture industry [...]

André Farat

André Farat is a manager with a strong track record helping large organizations through difficult transition moments. He has worked throughout Brazil, USA and Mexico on projects requiring strong change management skills, including Organizational and Cultural Transformations, Post-Merger Integrations and GTM Implementations in a range of sectors from Consumer Goods to Technology to Pharmaceuticals. He is [...]

Andréa Volpe

Andrea Volpe is an senior manager and has worked on projects on commercial policy, pricing, cost reduction, cost-to-serve, due diligence, and synergies calculation in the consumer goods, retail and third-party sectors.

Bruno Müller

Bruno Müller

Bruno Müller is a senior manager at Integration's Supply Chain's Practice and has been with the company since July 2022. His experience includes management in the areas of supply planning, transport, logistics operations, project leadership and commercial matters. Bruno holds a degree in industrial engineering from Instituto Mauá de Tecnologia, which he obtained in 2012.

Bruno Torres

Bruno Torres is an engagement manager at Integration and has worked in the Marketing & Sales Practice since 2017. Prior to Integration, Bruno worked as a software developer in Canada. At Integration, he has mostly participated in go-to-market strategies in various industries, including pulp & paper, agro, B2B services, steel, consumer goods, hygiene & beauty, [...]

Fábio Goulart

Fábio Goulart is an senior manager at Integration's Finance & Management Practice. He worked at Integration from 2018 to 2021 and rejoined the company in July 2023. In addition to Integration, Fabio has worked in Growth Strategy at Isaac (Fintech for Education), and in Revenue Management at AB-Inbev. His consulting experience includes projects in Revenue [...]

Fernando Hazzan

Fernando Hazzan is a senior lab manager within Integration's Tech & Digital practice and has been working with the company since July 2020. He started his career at Integration as a consultant in the same practice, transitioning to Bain & Company as a senior consultant and then to Google as a strategy and operations manager. [...]

Gabriel Sproesser

Gabriel Sproesser is an engagement manager at Integration's Supply Chain Practice and has been working at the company since January 2019. His experience includes diagnosis projects, process redesign and implementation in the areas of demand-planning, S&OP, DRP, supply chain, order-to-delivery and supply in the agribusiness, chemical and retail sectors. He has also worked with the [...]

Gauss Antar

Gauss Antar is an senior manager at Integration and has been working since October 2015 in the Implementation practice. His primary experiences include Go-to-Market, Logistics, and Market Entry projects in retail and other sectors. Prior to Integration, Gauss worked as an Intern at HSBC Private Bank. Gauss holds a degree in Economics from Insper and [...]

Guilherme Melo

Guilherme Melo is a junior manager at Integration's strategy, intelligence & innovation (SI&I) area. He previously worked at Integration from 2012 to 2018 and rejoined the company in July 2021. Guilherme's main areas of expertise include go-to-market strategy, the evaluation & design of distribution networks, market sizing and entry strategies, with a focus on the [...]

Ian Specht

Ian Specht is a Senior Manager at Integration and has been working in the Marketing & Sales practice since July 2019. His experience includes Strategic Management and also has the following certifications: White Belt; Financial Management/ Investments.

Jéssica Pavão

Jéssica Pavão is a senior manager at Integration's Leadership & Organization Practice and she has been working at the company since 2016. Throughout her career, Jéssica has worked on change management projects in the retail and consumer goods sectors, post-merger integration (PMI), implementation of organizational structures, design of recruitment and professional development programs, design of [...]

Júlia Fukushima

Júlia Fukushima

Júlia Fukushima is a senior manager at Integration and has been working since August 2014 in the Finance & Management practice. Before Integration, Júlia worked as an intern at Grupo Ultra and Grupo 3A. Her experience includes projects in Market Scan, Marketing Plan, Strategic Plan and Go To Market, in sectors such as Pharmaceutical, Surgical [...]

Lucas Castilho

Lucas Castilho is an engagement manager on the Supply Chain team at Integration and has been with the company since January 2023. His experience includes planning, supply chain, S&OP and WMS implementations.

Lucas Jordan

Lucas Jordan is an senior manager at Integration in the Marketing & Sales Practice. Prior to Integration, Lucas worked at Ambev and Credit Suisse. His primary experience includes structuring and revision of go-to-market models, market scans, strategic planning and entry and expansion strategies.

Paula Siqueira

Paula Siqueira is an engagement manager in the Implementation practice at Integration, she worked at the company for 6 years and returned in May 2023, after a 2-year experience in retail operations. During this period, Paula worked as a strategic planning manager at Tok&Stok. Her experience includes structuring and leading the strategic projects office, implementation [...]

Paulo Guimarães

Paulo Guimarães is an engagement manager in Marketing & Sales, working in the company since October 2014.  His experience includes projects related to strategic planning, go-to-market design, market sizing, commercial model & structure revision, financial simulation, due diligence and commercial policy in sectors such as technology, durable & nondurable consumer goods, infrastructure, private equity and [...]

Raphael Prado

Raphael Prado is a engagement manager in the Supply Chain Practice and has been at Integration since April 2022. His experience includes projects focused on S&OP, logistics networks, post-acquisition integration and inventory management.

Vinícius Giorno

Vinícius Giorno is a junior manager at Integration and has been working in the Marketing & Sales Practice since July 2014. Vinícus' experience includes projects in go to market, consumer journey, commercial models, pricing, product launch and innovation, leads management, market sizing and entry strategy, change management, diagnosis and process restructuring, new business models, organizational [...]

Virgínia Ruggiero

Virgínia Ruggiero is an engagement manager at Integration and has been working since may 2015 in the Marketing & Sales Practice. Prior to Integration, Virgínia worked at Votorantim Cimentos. Her experience includes projects in market scan, entry strategy, strategic planning and go-to-market.

Victor Sarmento

Vitor Sarmento

Vitor Sarmento is an engagement manager in the Supply Chain Practice at Integration and has been with the company since July 2022. His experience includes structuring projects focused on the areas of demand forecasting, stock replenishment, order center and loss prevention in retail. Vitor earned his degree in aeronautical engineering from USP-São Carlos in 2014.

Wanderley Scatolin

Wanderley Scatolin is a senior manager within Integration’s Implementation Practice. He has extensive consulting experience with Integration in Supply Chain and Implementation projects and within industry, having worked as an Executive Planning Manager at Biolab Farmacêutica. His experience includes managing the entire integrated planning flow, from coordinating the flow of new product launches (NPDI), to [...]

Anderson Forato

Anderson Forato specializes in systems development and data engineering, focused on business-oriented data analysis, and a member of our IT team.

Diogo Vida

Diogo Vida is an Coordinator in the IT area of Integration, where he has been working since 2015. His primary experience includes networks and systems problem diagnosis (performance, problem identification and solution).  

Eduardo Serafini

Eduardo Serafini joined Integration in 2019 as our Legal Manager. Prior to Integration, Eduardo worked as a Senior Lawyer at TozziniFreire Advogados. 

Frederico Lima

Frederico Lima is a marketing coordinator at Integration. He started his career with the company in 2008 and has worked across diverse areas such as finance, research & information and sales. He holds a degree in business administration from Universidade São Judas Tadeu (USJT) with a specialization in strategic administration from Fundação Instituto de Administração [...]

Gisele Santos

Gisele Santos is a training and development coordinator in the area of Human Resources at Integration and has been working at the company since September 2020. Her experience includes people management, digital transformation projects, internal processes, and customer service, with work in career path development, training, performance management and talent strategy.

Jorge Jamil

Jorge Jamil is Integration’s Global IT Manager & Security Officer, responsible for project management of technology, compliance and information security. He is a member of the high-technology crime council of the OAB of São Paulo and the UN digital security council.

Juliana Bardelli

Juliana Bardelli is the legal coordinator within the legal practice at Integration and has been with the company since July 2022. Her experience includes consultancy and litigation labor law, industries, and startups.

Marcela Hosne

Marcela Hosne is the Administrative Manager at Integration. Her experience includes assisting executives with schedules, meetings, and travel arrangements, as well as overseeing the facilities team and the group of secretaries.

Marina De Benedictis

Marina De Benedictis is a specialist in the ID One® Accredited Centre and has been working since August 2013 at Integration. She is qualified in the application of ID One® Human Factor Restitutions licensed by Integration. Aside from her experience in ID One, she also has delivered many projects in Technology Implementation Planning and Management, [...]

Martina Zago

Martina Zago is the Global Head of Talent Acquisition within Integration's corporate area and has been working at the company since March 2022. Prior to Integration, Martina worked as a senior talent acquisition manager at Randstad. Her experience includes managing, recruiting and selecting teams, putting together strategies, executing employer branding, diversity and inclusion projects and [...]

Natalia Guarany

Natalia Guarany is responsible for video and events at Integration. Previously on the consulting side of the business, she now takes on this important internal role.

Nathalia Freitas

Nathalia Freitas is Integration’s finance manager, responsible for overseeing our offices across the globe.

Nick Gemmell

Nick Gemmell is responsible for leading, developing and writing Integration’s global thought leadership, market-oriented content and strategic communication.

Rodrigo Marques

Rodrigo Marques leads content branding and visual identity at Integration. A web and graphic designer, he was a national and international winner of the World Design Competition Nokia.


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