Employee Value Proposition

Definition, differentiation and communication to the market of your unique value proposition as an employer, ensuring coherence between how you want to be seen and your internal culture, strategy and business objectives whilst also guaranteeing a flexible EVP for different personas

What challenge(s) do our clients face?

Attracting and retaining employees from different generations and skill groups is a constant challenge.

The job market has evolved to become one that now has specific and demanding characteristics for businesses and:

  • Demands flexibility, customization, a strong culture, speed and employee knowledge as differentials when hiring
  • Exhibits a high degree of competition between companies looking to hire, especially for differentiated and in-demand skill sets
  • Requires employee purpose and meaning, beyond remuneration, as necessary for retention
  • Drivesever higher recruiting costs

There is also an ever stronger connection between the INTERNAL and EXTERNAL perceptions of the company. The barriers between the two are now less present, making it essential to have consistent employer branding everywhere.

In order to achieve this consistency, the Employee Value Proposition represents the translation of your employer brand positioning to your professionals and target hiring market. Employer identity is an important asset to guarantee coherence for professionals and should be consistent throughout the recruitment process, communication, evaluation and all other people management processes.

In addition to a strong and well-communicated corporate EVP, it is important for organizations to enhance their knowledge of their employees so that they can consider and respect individuality.

The EVP must be customized, translating what is unique about the company and being coherent with its culture and organizational attributes.

How do we help?

We help employers to clearly define and articulate an authentic EVP in line with their internal culture and the market’s external demands.

Considering both external (comparison with reference companies and market drivers) and internal (perceptions of employees, current culture and strategy) perspectives, we help our clients to define and communicate a unique and compelling Employee Value Proposition.

Our methodology involves 6 pillars, each of which needs first to be understood in the context of your current and future challenges before the 6 can then be structured and translated into one coherent EVP.

  • Leadership: The ability to generate a true connection with the organization’s culture and deliver results whilst being recognized for concrete examples of this and contributing to the development of individuals, teams and the organization.
  • Compensation: The application of financial and non-financial recognition in line with employee performance.
  • Development: The clarity on potential development paths that boost learning and are translated into professionals growing.
  • Environment: The expression of corporate identity in the organization’s physical environment, impacting external interactions, leaders and opinion influencers.
  • Purpose: The clarity on what drives a company forward in a way that is coherent with short and long term choices and generates a collective identity.
  • Reputation: The perception of a company following its interactions with clients and potential employees.

What are the benefits?

  • Greater coherence: guarantee a value proposition that is adherent to your company’s culture and strategy whilst being well communicated internally and externally, driving HR processes and leaders to guide employees.
  • Higher retention rates: differentiate your company v the competition and become more attractive to current and potential employees. This is not only about having a value proposition that works for the company, but one that can also be flexible for the needs of individuals.
  • Clearer communication: guarantee visibility of the EVP through proper use of messaging and investments
  • Greater employee engagement: provide what matters to your professionals, driving engagement and alignment between what the company offers and how individuals perform.
  • Stronger branding: connect corporate branding to employee branding so that once the EVP is defined then the corporate brand will also be stronger.

How does it work?

A step by step approach which ensures concrete actions are taken towards attracting and retaining your target employees.

In our methodology, we follow 5 steps that can be adjusted according to your needs. This 5-step methodology is built on the following beliefs:

  • We are a strategy consultancy and the EVP design must start by considering what the business needs. We will understand, challenge and ensure this connection.
  • This strategy must be communicated so we will assess how effective your current channels are, understand the communication habits per employee group and design a relevant communication strategy.
  • We believe in a tailor-made approach as we known that each company is unique. So we will define the EVP in a way preserves your company’s essenceand aligns to your future needs, adjusting the communication strategy and EVP implementation in a way that is adherent to your
  • We always involve your team in developing the new EVP as this drives engagement in the project and guarantees the authenticity of the solution. We will interview your talents, influencers and previous employees about the work environment, their likes and dislikes. We will use recruitment and dismissal data and , if needed, create focus groups (internally or externally) to deep dive into your company awareness.
Understanding of strategy, culture and business objectives and align EVP assumptions. UNDERSTAND THE PATH Analysis of the current EVP offer and how it is perceived by different audiences. LISTEN TO EMPLOYEES AND THE MARKET EVP definition and prioritization of its attributes that need to be improved. EVP DEFINITION Detail and implementation of priority initiatives to improve EVP. EVP STRENGTHENING Activation plan for internal and external audience/stakeholders. COMMUNICATION


Renata Moura

Renata Moura is the partner responsible for the Leadership & Organization practice established in 2016. Renata has over 20 years of professional experience, having worked in 5 different companies and segments. She began her career at AMBEV in the consumer segment, then participated in the privatization of the telecommunications sector at OI and the consolidation [...]

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