Our goal is to deliver successful and sustainable change

Today’s business environment demands flexibility and speed to transform

To stay relevant and to pursue a competitive advantage, organizations are constantly going through a cycle of change.

Whether that’s pursuing new markets, implementing the latest technologies, or undertaking structural reforms, each change requires time and effort to embed into the organization. Through our Implementation practice, we help our clients address important challenges to drive this change.

Our purpose

To make brilliant strategies a reality by successfully executing them

Today’s business environment demands flexibility and speed. Our goal is to support our clients in facing the constant changes necessary to stay relevant and to pursue a competitive advantage. We help our clients drive these changes, whether that’s pursuing new markets, implementing the latest technologies, or undertaking structural reforms. Each change requires time and effort to embed into the organization, and that is where we come in.


How do we help?

We help by rapidly translating strategy into execution

Ever and fast changes in business reality requires constant and proper execution of strategic changes. A common challenge of a CEO and its board is how to fulfill the company strategy through projects, whether they are transformations or a full portfolio, where you can rapidly and efficiently redefine paths, view impacts within interrelated projects. Integration helps to answer questions such as:

  • What are the priority projects for my strategy? Those should be the main focus to deliver business results according to the strategy
  • What implementation strategy should I adopt to ensure a smooth transition between systems/processes/services within the desired timeline?
  • How do I avoid and manage the inherent implementation risks?

We help by taking care of a company’s most important asset: it’s people

Having the right team, engaged, aligned and motivated is every leaders desire. However, it is usually one of the toughest challenges since it depends on unique individuals, group dynamics and culture. With our change management expertise, we can support leaders to define:

  • How to keep staff motivated and energized over a long transformation?
  • What is the most effective training strategy to adopt change and avoid business disruption?
  • How to ensure knowledge is absorbed and kept inside the company when consultants exit?

We help by making project governance an enabler instead of a detractor

Project governance can often feel like a time consuming chore rather than a great enabler to drive speed and efficiency into the project as well as recognize people’s efforts. For us, a clear, robust, and comprehensive Project Governance is a must-have to enable decision-making processes and risk management, so we build a tailor made governance that guarantees infrastructure, communication tools, and support materials for a project deployment, considering:

  • What tools should I use to allow for visibility and control? How centralized does control need to be?
  • How to implement and maintain the right balance of quality and speed?
  • How to plan infrastructure needs and consider them in the project budget?

We help by taking care of a company’s most important asset: it’s people

Having the right team, engaged, aligned and motivated is every leaders desire. However, it is usually one of the toughest challenges since it depends on unique individuals, group dynamics and culture. With our change management expertise, we can support leaders to define:

  • How to keep staff motivated and energized over a long transformation?
  • What is the most effective training strategy to adopt change and avoid business disruption?
  • How to ensure knowledge is absorbed and kept inside the company when consultants exit?

What makes us different?

Together on this journey – we become one team

Considering these varied challenges, we aim to bring a pragmatic and inclusive approach to our projects which fully addresses our clients varied needs, goals, and contexts. Ultimately our mindset for delivery reverts to four key elements:

Plan and make feasible the delivery of business needs, while maintaining the proposed scope, time, cost and resources of the project Get Things Done Prioritize the aspects to be addressed and generate an action roadmap. Inspiration and Movement Ensure the implementation process connects business strategy to reality Adherence to Reality Define, measure and act to capture our proposed results Ensure Results

We stay close to our clients. They tell us that:

  • We bring a human quality to our delivery, and honesty that means that there are no surprises
  • We don’t just ensure that we deliver the technical outcomes, we go further to bring everyone from leadership through to operations onboard on the transformation journey
  • We work together with complete commitment during both the difficult and the joyful moments


Our solutions aim to address our client’s differing needs across three dimensions:

Helping clients to deal with the most critical aspects of integration, right from the investment thesis through to full integration. Our approach encompasses integration strategy definition, preparation and execution of technical and human aspects, culture and leadership integration, synergies management and design of business solutions.

Supporting in the design, planning and implementation of a Project Portfolio Management Office (PMO) or temporarily executing the PMO role to ensure strategic projects deliver on their planned business goals. We improve internal capability, through instilling a project management culture, processes and governance which enables the company to achieve continuous transformation in response to a changing environment.

Guiding companies through comprehensive and often complex supply network transformations that require technical expertise and intelligent coordination across the organization. Our solid methodology and expertise ensure minimum business disruption, engagement across teams, individuals and relevant stakeholders (from suppliers to regulatory agencies and customers) as well as change management.

Ensuring the smooth transition to a new Go-to-Market model, through mitigating disruption to company’s professionals, clients, consumers and distribution partners and a comprehensive translation of the strategy into the field.

Helping organizations build the capability to execute and achieve sustainable organic growth for the long term. We help our retail clients make footprint expansion targets a reality by translating strategy into execution through targeted and tailored actions across four levels: strategy, process, governance, and organizational structure.


Supporting organizations implement and embed different kinds of systems and software, applying agile project management with a consumer-centric view.



Our client a large American multinational beauty company had recently acquired multiple brands in a strategic move to widen and grow its product portfolio. They had decided to integrate the Planning, Manufacturing, and Logistics Network of the acquired companies in order to capture the foreseen synergies.

The consolidation process was extremely challenging because it required a high level of coordination across +250 professionals in +30 countries in Europe, USA, Canada and EMEA, +15 production sites, and +76 distribution centers around the globe.

Moreover, the benefits related to this integration were desired to be captured as early as possible given the strategic importance to the company worldwide.


Given the accelerated timelines and complex challenges, a large Integration team was deployed to work fully on-site, bolstering the client team. This ensured close proximity with all stakeholders, on the job training/change management for staff, better communication across the countries, and an ability to resolve unforeseen issues swiftly.

We assumed the project management responsibility of the Manufacturing Footprint and Distribution Centers consolidation programs preparing a detailed plan considering all involved regions, business areas, and processes. To ensure the forecasted synergies would be realized, a robust PMO was deployed to track not just deliverables, but also operational objectives and benefits.


We supported the client in delivering the integration in a very aggressive timeline with minimal business disruption. Including the closure of some manufacturing sites in addition to the transfer of production lines. In distribution, in just 6 months we coordinated the building and starting-up of distribution centers across multiple countries and managed the incorporation of 3rd party logistics.

Beyond the business implementation results, Integration ensured the engagement, alignment, and cooperation along with the entire transition of the +30 involved countries. This ensured a sustainable operational transformation after our team had rolled-off.


A family-owned retail company was acquired by a large investment fund. Unfortunately, due to a combination of variables and the economic context in Brazil, the company experienced a drop in profitability.

An urgent turnaround of the situation was needed and a clear target of improvement of 2.5x EBITDA in 3 years, and a change in leadership, was set by the investment fund. Integration was selected as the consulting firm to address and solve this challenge, given our expertise in the sector, pragmatism, and speed to delivery.


A deep diagnosis to identify value creation opportunities in all areas of the company was done with two main objectives: 1) bring operating efficiency in the current business model and 2) generate future value in new business and commercial models. From those opportunities, we built a cohesive roadmap of projects and initiatives to reach the pursued target in a 3 years timeframe.

Once the path to follow was clearly designed, a variety of project and change management methodologies were put in place by our team: a ramp-up plan, detailed work fronts plan, project governance for weekly tracking, structured risks and issues escalation matrix and procedures, management tools for monitoring and communicating, and constant leadership involvement through the on-site and disciplined meeting to expedite project decisions.

At Integration, we do value professionals, engagement, ambiance, motivation, and inspiration as key enablers of major and deep transformations. With this in mind, we also developed a new variable remuneration and talent retention model to drive important behaviors within the company and culture.


The project delivered above expectations, reaching 2.6x EBITDA in the 3 years timeframe, and broke historical records in terms of both revenue and profitability.

Beyond the business result, the company benefited from achieving a renewed spirit of collaboration and improvement and was left better prepared to tackle future challenges with improved processes/tools/governance for project management.


After the multi-million dollar acquisition of a national consumer goods manufacturer by a global household brand, Integration was hired as the clean team, to plan and manage the Post Merger Integration process.

The strength of the acquired business’ portfolio, including sales and distribution, combined with the know-how and capabilities of the global company created a great opportunity for business expansion; however, given the large sizes of the two companies and the


Given the size of the deal, our main goal was to ensure the two organizations would be working together as one right from Day 1, avoiding any major operational issues.

With this in mind, we focused on developing (i) a clear and specific roadmap to concretely define the companies end-state vision and integration strategy, from transition plan to the longer-term and (ii) a highly detailed 100 Day plan to ensure teams and actions could be highly coordinated in the early phases.

On the people side, we needed to work across parties to ensure the people, cultural strengths and best practices of each company were preserved. An effective stakeholder-management process was implemented in an intensive and frequent basis to monitor and address engagement, concerns, and ensure professionals’ commitment and performance along the merger process.


The success of the implementation was characterized across multiple metrics:

  • From Day 1 there was minimal disruption to operations – with business KPIs all remaining in optimal levels
  • The synergies outlined in the Business Case were realized
  • Successful internal communications to more than 3,500 employees with 100% of key professionals staying within the company during the transition
  • External communications, that resulted in no negative impacts on customers, providers, or market perception


A leading global Consumer Beauty company had reached a moment where they were experiencing high performance in Modern Trade channels, but significantly lower performance in the Indirect Traditional Trade channel. The company came to understand that it was drastically under-indexed in sales via distributors in key-opportunity regions, and a majority of sales teams were reporting problematic distributor relationships.

To combat this challenge, they asked for Integration’s support in developed a global methodology that could support their local operations and boost indirect trade results.


In our first phase of the Programme we built a solid foundation for sustainable change. This took shape as a detailed, bespoke “playbook” that was not limited to the needs of emerging markets, but instead offered commercial teams at all stages, ideas for taking their distributor relationships to the next level, including the ability to:

  • Map and select target distributors
  • Run complete assessments of distributor performance, financial health and operational capabilities
  • Design, implement and monitor annual plans to develop distributor capabilities and improve results for the client and its partners
  • Terminate relationships with underperforming or operationally inadequate distributors

The playbook balanced the need for a global approach with fitting the local realities of each market. From the outset, we developed the methodology in strong collaboration with the regional representatives in each continent.

Next came an implementation phase dubbed ‘local acceleration’; where we aimed to guarantee the practical, effective implementation across selected zones.

Over the course of four years we supported the practical application of the methodology across 12 vastly different countries (ranging from Pakistan to Peru), running training sessions and adapting guidance appropriately to local needs. Each of these countries represented diverse challenges, ranging from finance issues to process improvements to deeper strategic discussions.


This highly tailored approach resulted in pragmatic recommendations for each market and enabled quick implementation. At the same time, the standard nature of the programme across countries made it possible to transfer best practices from market to market.

As a consequence of the successful implementation, sales by the distributor have outpaced growth in modern trade by 5 percentage points, thanks to significantly closer cooperation with distributors (e.g. (+123% Pay For Performance Agreements, +43% Joint Distributor Business Plans), while simultaneously reducing days of inventory by 16% on average.


The Implementation practice has delivered more than 450 projects with clients all over the globe, including Latin America, North America, and Europe in a wide variety of industries, such as Consumer goods (Beverages, Food, Health, Beauty & Personal Care, Domestic appliances, etc); Retail (Wholesalers & Distributors, Apparel, Food Service); Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals; Private Equity & Investments; Government and Public Services and others.

We have led projects for well-known clients as L’Oréal, Danone, Kellogg, Carrefour, J&J, PepsiCo, Red Bull, Kraft, Mondelez, Tupperware, Whirlpool,  Sky, COTY, Grupo BIG, Centauro, Onofre, Ri Happy, Raia Drogasil, Boticário, Grupo Notre Dame, Eurofarma, Mafra, Onofre, Kroton, Grupo Zap, Edenred, and others.

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Diogo Selingardi

Diogo Selingardi is a director and has been working in Integration's Implementation practice since 2011, supporting our clients across sectors, but in particular Private Equity, Financial Services and Consumer Goods. Across his time working in Implementation he has delivered and led complex projects related to M&A, PMI, synergy capture, cost reduction and strategic planning.

Francisco Pereira Leite

Francisco Pereira Leite is a partner and has been working within Integration since 1999. An all-rounder, Francisco has moved across our practices, working for the first eight years with focus in Supply Chain and then increasing his scope to the Finance & Management and Implementation areas. His experience over more than 150 projects includes Implementation [...]

Freya Tomley

Freya Tomley is an senior manager at Integration and has been working at the London Office since 2015. Freya has a wide range of experience in implementation and project and program management across new business/product launches, M&As (post-merger integration), and efficiency-driving initiatives (e.g. internal restructuring, systems implementation, commercial planning). In the last few years, she [...]

Gauss Antar

Gauss Antar is an senior manager at Integration and has been working since October 2015 in the Implementation practice. His primary experiences include Go-to-Market, Logistics, and Market Entry projects in retail and other sectors. Prior to Integration, Gauss worked as an Intern at HSBC Private Bank. Gauss holds a degree in Economics from Insper and [...]

Jaime Espinoza

Jaime Espinoza is a senior manager at Integration with significant experience in Supply Chain and Implementation having worked across both of Integrations practices. His work in consulting has developed his knowledge in industries including Consumer Goods, Construction, Pharmaceuticals, Private Equity and Infrastructure among others. Moreover, the founding of his own company, an intermediary technology platform [...]

Jamie Gale

Jamie Gale is a partner at our  London Office. He has spent more than 25 years in the consulting industry and private sector. Jamie is recognized for his extensive experience in digital, developing and executing strategies that enable business transformation. He has supported clients across manufacturing, retail, telecommunications, financial services, food & beverage and transportation [...]

Jéssica Pavão

Jéssica Pavão is a senior manager at Integration's Leadership & Organization Practice and she has been working at the company since 2016. Throughout her career, Jéssica has worked on change management projects in the retail and consumer goods sectors, post-merger integration (PMI), implementation of organizational structures, design of recruitment and professional development programs, design of [...]

Letícia Molina

Letícia Molina is a director  at Integration's Implementation Practice and has been with the company since January 2023. Her experience includes acquisition and integration plan structuring in the school market, profitability and company restructuring.

Marília José

Marília José is a director at Integration. From may 2014 to jan 2018 she worked in the Finance & Management Practice, and since then has been serving the Implementation Practice as a Finance & Management business partner. Her experience includes work in strategic roadmaps, transformation and cost reduction, project management, governance and indicators, and process [...]

Paula Mercadante

Paula Mercadante is a partner at our office in São Paulo. She has almost 30 years of experience in consulting and is seen as an authority in leading complex projects such as Post-Merger Integrations, Carve-Outs, and the Recovery of Projects in Crisis. Across a varied career that has seen her move geographically across Latin America, [...]

Paula Siqueira

Paula Siqueira is an engagement manager in the Implementation practice at Integration, she worked at the company for 6 years and returned in May 2023, after a 2-year experience in retail operations. During this period, Paula worked as a strategic planning manager at Tok&Stok. Her experience includes structuring and leading the strategic projects office, implementation [...]

Rodrigo Seabra

Rodrigo Seabra is the partner at our Office in Munich. He joined Integration in 2006 in Brazil and led the Mexico Office, before taking on responsibility of the Munich Office. Rodrigo is part of our Implementation Practice, has amassed international experience in industries such as consumer goods, retail, food & beverage, pharmaceutical and healthcare and [...]

Rodrigo Weiler

Rodrigo Weiler is a senior director at Integration and has been working for over 20 years in our Implementation practice. He is an authority in the implementation of transformational projects with great complexity and need for Change Management. His experience is diverse across industries, ranging from implementation in retail (e.g. of Go-to-Market Models, Category Management [...]

Wanderley Scatolin

Wanderley Scatolin is a senior manager within Integration’s Implementation Practice. He has extensive consulting experience with Integration in Supply Chain and Implementation projects and within industry, having worked as an Executive Planning Manager at Biolab Farmacêutica. His experience includes managing the entire integrated planning flow, from coordinating the flow of new product launches (NPDI), to [...]

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