We are a strategy, management and operations consultancy that implements our recommendations with knowledge of people. We achieve this through solid technical expertise coupled with business knowledge on how to promote change within an organisation.

Since our founding in 1995 we have served over 600 companies around the world. We currently operate with approximately 300 professionals from offices in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Santiago, London, Munich and San Francisco.

Different like your company needs.

Transformation only takes place when ideas become reality. From this comes our awareness that, above all, the recommendations and solutions we design need to be truly implementable.

To make this possible, we work with an approach that combines solid technical knowledge with practical methodologies, extensively applied in the design and implementation of solutions and the management of people.

We structure our technical expertise around our practices in Marketing & Sales, Supply Chain, Finance & Management, and Leadership & Organization, each supported by our specialist Implementation area. This functional specialism, supported by best practices drawn from our extensive portfolio of industry experience, is the basis to deliver first class results for our industry leading clients.

Building on this strong foundation, we always work closely with client teams so that we combine our expertise with the client’s knowledge of their business, company culture, and the market. This collaborative approach to designing solutions ensure that outputs are technically robust, relevant to our client’s business, and (just as importantly) realisable in practice.

Through the client testimonial videos we present here, you will see the success that results from this approach to working in partnership with our clients.

Another important differential is in the profile of Integration's consultants.

Our method of building a solution alongside the client requires specific attributes and characteristics from those who work at Integration:

We like to serve. We understand that our role as consultants is to make your team shine and celebrate accomplishments. We see ourselves as a means to this end, and are proud to serve our clients and their teams.

We know how to listen. Involving your team and collaboratively building solutions with them ensures our recommendations are tailored to your business reality and are realisable in practice.

We like to work with people to generate results. Our consultants are recruited with this profile and trained to carry out change management and stakeholder management throughout the project.

We express ourselves clearly and honestly. We will always provide our perspective on your wider business needs based on the reality that we observe.

We understand that our clients knows their business and its particularities – we don’t presume to know better than your people. However, we will challenge your teams with our technical expertise and external perspective, and work with them in applying the appropriate methodologies to design the solutions your company needs.

This is the profile you can expect from an Integration consultant, in any project, anywhere in the world.