Providing not only a broad and deep understanding of new markets, but also a practical recommendation as to how to capture market opportunities.

What challenge(s) do our clients face?

The need for depth and insight before an important business move.

When our clients want to explore opportunities that lay outside their current operational scope, Market Scan projects help them to take informed decisions and reduce risk.

In a constantly evolving business landscape, organizations need to adapt and change to survive and to thrive. Choosing the right direction is not always easy. It may involve:

  • Expansion of geographic footprint
  • Widening of the product portfolio to include new categories
  • Assessment of new market trends
  • Appraisal of competitors and new market entrants
  • Or even more radical changes to business operations to meet market needs, e.g. digital transformation demanding moves into online channels, new business models, among others

In order to address these needs or opportunities, a deep understanding of the market dynamics in which the company wants to operate is required.

How do we help?

We combine expert interviews, field insights, market data, strategic hypothesis, and advanced analytics to determine the attractiveness of a market and design possible entry scenarios.

Integration supports companies across industries to identify the best strategy in terms of entering a new market or segment (or not) and defining the best model to do this. In order to achieve this goal, we provide our clients with:

  1. UNDERSTANDING of the market in the geography the company is evaluating – through a combination of in-depth interviews with main players in the business ecosystem (clients, suppliers, regulatory agencies and other links), fields assessments to have the realistic view of the business and database / trends-mapping with advanced analytics (Alteryx / Tableau).
  2. ANALYSIS of the attractiveness of the market opportunity – considering internal strengths and weaknesses and analyzing the size and concentration of the market, competitors and their positioning, consumer segments and needs, regulatory environment, risks, shifts, and value chain requirements.
  3. RECOMMENDATIONS for implementable entry strategy scenarios based on the opportunities and risks presented. Here we also consider and assess possible partners (e.g. distributors and co-packers) and acquisition targets and their capabilities to enable the market entry.

Dependent on the needs of the client, we can then, helpfully, detail the Market Entry Strategy – designing the optimum route-to-market considering partnerships, distribution methods and regions, product positioning, portfolio and activation strategies with an associated roadmap for implementation.

What are the benefits?

Ability to prioritize business opportunities, make Go/No Go decisions, and conduct informed strategic planning as a result of:

  • Ability to size and value market segments according to current and potential category offerings
  • Clarity on the competences required to capture market opportunities
  • Improved evaluation of risk and opportunity
  • Accurate financial models which are finetuned to reflect market realities and drivers (and which can be adjusted based on the changing environment)

Increased likelihood of success in market moves as a result of:

  • Identification of the best entry strategies in a new market according to the strategic objectives of the company and expected gains
  • Improved connection and relationship with important market players who can facilitate the move
  • Identification of synergic categories which can create gains in scale and consequent dilutions in cost.

How does it work?

Our pragmatic hands-on approach ensures a tailored solution which is clear in its recommendations and implementable in its design.

Integration brings a high level of expertise in market scan having worked with multiple multi-million-dollar companies across many geographies. Our proven methodology provides a broad perspective which allows the company to define the best market entry strategy based on a structured modelling of scenarios and an in-depth assessment.

The project is usually delivered in four main steps; whilst the depth of analysis in each step will be adjusted according to the needs of our clients:

Understanding overall client's context, needs and objectives as well as current operations; Internal assessment: 2 1 Mapping of the market potential through the understanding of macro- economic context, market dynamics, main competitors and industry value External assessment: Definition and evaluation of entry scenarios and its implications, such as risks, pros and cons, partners in the market.* Entry Strategy: 3 Analysis of the opportunities by developing prioritization driver’s adherent to company’s goals, detailing value proposition and modelling potential scenarios to understand opportunities and income levers. Prioritization Drivers, Value Proposition and Modelling: 4 Integration also supports clients in exclusive Entry Strategy projects, providing deeper support to enter in a new market, designing the Marketing and Sales Entry Plan with definition of portfolio, price positioning, channels to commercialize and prioritization regions. *

We bring both mind and heart, connecting technical knowledge and in-depth analysis, with a commitment to creating tailored solutions that truly reflect our client’s pain points and needs.

Our strength lies in bringing original and perceptive insights – Integration teams don’t work sat in a room, looking at widely available industry reports, but out in the field, interviewing experts, talking to potential partners, and surveying real customers.



A plant-based food startup hired Integration to size the market potential for plant-based hamburgers and to create a plan to take these new products to the Brazilian and European Markets. In particular, they asked for our support in understanding consumer behavior in this booming market where there was limited data.


Given the lack of available market data, Integration focused on building a large body of primary research to help our client. By studying plant-based food dynamics in Europe and North America, interviewing experts, and conducting statistically significant surveys with consumers, we were able to develop an insightful and original understanding of the market dynamics and create various market entry scenarios.


Our work provided detailed information about potential income per category, price sensitivity, potential risks, main competitors, and market size per region in the client’s geographical areas of interest.

In parallel, Integration developed a detailed implementation roadmap and the commercial model design. With this information, it was possible for our client to understand and address the success factors needed to develop the category in Brazil and Europe and kick-start their operations and sales.


One of the largest American suppliers of construction materials was interested in entering the Mexican market but had limited experience of operating in the region. They asked Integration to help their assessment of whether the market was attractive for their current portfolio and operating model, and where/how they should concentrate their strategy.


Integration carried out a quantitative and qualitative understanding of the Mexican market, creating reliable estimations about market size (per city) and potential growth through a sophisticated statistical model that considered variables such as foreign direct investments, public infrastructure budget, number of households, and car use and infrastructure projects pipeline.


The financial modeling and qualitative success factors allowed the client to make the decision to enter the country. Furthermore, with our understanding of compliance in Mexico, government and regulatory influence, players, and pricing positioning per region the client was able to prepare fully for this entry and accelerate the development of their GTM strategy.


Integration’s market scan track record includes a large range of regional and international companies from diverse industry sectors such as Consumer Goods (especially Food, Beverage, Personal Care, and Tobacco), Financial Sector, Technology, Retail, Services, Real Estate and Transportation.

Furthermore, as Integration has grown internationally, we have developed a valuable understanding of market dynamics, consumer trends, regulations, and local practices across different geographies. This broad experience allows us access to experts worldwide according to the industry and region in order to provide reliable and updated benchmarks to our recommendations.


André Valente

André is a director at Integration and leader within the Marketing & Sales practice. Working across sectors, he is a senior specialist advising especially on the revision of Go-to-Market Models, Market Entry Strategy to new markets, Strategy and Innovation Processes and Marketing and Trade Processes. Before Integration, André worked as a Business Developer at Sandvik, [...]

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Juan Pablo Arias is a manager within Integration’s Marketing & Sales practice and has been working in the company since July 2014. His experience includes 1) execution of diagnosis and design in methodologies such as market scan, entry strategy, strategic roadmap, go-to-market and process redesign (order-to-cash and sales and operations planning), and implementation (project management [...]

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Luis is a Manager in the Marketing & Sales practice. Originally from Columbia, Luis is an entrepreneur at heart, and has worked in several start-ups in Colombia, receiving his MBA from IPADE. He has accumulated international consulting experience whilst working across the United States, Mexico, Caribbean and Central America, Colombia and Brazil in industries such [...]

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Rodrigo Pasianotto is a Director at Integration, with more than 15 years of consulting experience, especially in the field of Marketing and Sales Consulting. Rodrigo has supported our clients across a range of challenges focusing on Strategic Roadmap, Go-To-Market, Market Scan, Entry Strategy, Brand Positioning, among other methodologies. He holds an MBA from Haas School [...]

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