We believe in the power of uniting knowledge with know-how


Working together in partnership with our clients we have delivered successful and sustainable change across over 55 industries.

Our success lies in bringing together the right teams to tackle complex challenges – combining skills, expertise and perspective.

This well-rounded approach ensures the subtleties of your challenge are reflected in a great solution, designed for you and delivered with a human quality.

Partnership with clients

We respect that our clients know their business best. We don’t presume to know more than them. In fact, we truly rely on them to guide our approach, providing us with an understanding of your reality, culture, operations and goals.​

Integration Teams

We challenge client teams with our deep functional expertise, best-practice references and external perspective. Our trained professionals utilize our method to create buy-in, movement and deliver real results.​​

Network of Subject Matter and Industry Experts

We consult with both internal and external subject matter and industry experts to shape our delivery. They help us calibrate what is possible and the best way to implement for success given current trends, best-practices, and market dynamics.​




Integration has served multi-billion and multi-million-dollar Agribusiness clients across 16 different countries, delivering projects ranging from end-to-end Supply Chain transformations through to M&As and Go-to-Market redesigns.



Against a backdrop of changing consumer demands, established traditional businesses are locked in a battle against new entrants. We are witnessing new sector innovations creating a favorable environment for new entrants to conquer more space leading to a shift in the balance of power.

Durable Consumer Goods


Durable goods present a different set of challenges to typical FMCG. Longer supply chains and product life cycles, costly manufacturing assets, and inventories, greater numbers of new products, and innovation cycles are just a few characteristics that change the way the supply chain and marketing/sales strategy must be managed.



Historically, the education sector has been more traditional and with a low degree of innovation. Indeed, the way we teach classes and provide educational material in some cases has been the same for decades. However, the sector has been undergoing a strong movement of transformation, digitalization, and globalization in recent years, presenting challenges and opportunities for organizations.

Financial & Payments


Integration has worked with clients spanning the Financial Sector; whether that’s supporting Private Equity & Investments companies alongside each step of the investment process, or serving both B2B and B2C Financial Service Providers, Banks, or Wealth & Asset Management companies.



The food industry is so heterogeneous by nature, it is almost too simplistic to refer to it as one industry – characterized by a huge number of categories and consumption habits, which vary widely across and even within individual markets. On top of this highly variable foundation, food products are sold through a multitude of channels, with different length value chains occupied by players ranging from international conglomerates to neighborhood producers.

Food Service


Food service is a fragmented and highly specialized market, with specific dynamics and challenges, which players must be able to navigate with agility and precision.

Health, Beauty & Personal Care


At Integration, we believe that no two clients and no two contexts are the same. However, in our experience working with more than 70 leading beauty and personal care clients across the world, we have observed some common challenges that underpin the category, particularly within the mass market.

Overcoming any one of these challenges can be the key to unlocking substantial and sustainable growth and fending off competition in what is a highly competitive market.

Industrial Sector


Integration has served hugely varied clients across the Industrial Sector in over 30 countries, from Oil & Gas producers in Latin America, Construction conglomerates in Europe to Chemical businesses in the US.

We have supported clients across multiple subsectors, regions, and target markets with everything from Supply Chain transformation to entering new markets, building substantial knowledge in different B2B markets.

Logistics & Transportation


Integration has supported some of the biggest names in Transport & Logistics in projects which have spanned 8 countries.

In this highly competitive environment, we have supported our clients with solutions that have increased service levels and operational efficiency, and even in the launch from concept to reality of new services and service models.

Media, Leisure & Entertainment


Integration has served world-renowned brands in the Leisure & Entertainment Sector, delivering projects across 8 countries. We have had the pleasure of working with media conglomerates, hotel chains and even well-known travel retailers.

We have supported clients across different subsectors and target markets with challenges related to market/environmental shifts, digital business models, and organization redesign.

Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare


Integration has worked with multi-billion and multi-million-dollar clients in the Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare sector spanning health insurers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, hospitals, and pharmacy retailers. Our broad and deep experience allows us to support organizations across the entire healthcare value chain.

Private Equity & Investments


High entry multiples and competition for assets are putting pressure on private equity companies to continue to deliver top-quartile returns. Firms can no longer rely purely on financial engineering to enhance portfolio value and instead must become more innovative through operational improvements.

Real Estate


Working with players across the whole Real Estate value chain has given Integration a deep understanding of the industry on an international scale. We have supported the suppliers, such as construction material companies, with GTM and supply chain strategies; as well as those on the demand side, such as investment funds and retailers, with understanding how to maximize returns or make better investment decisions.

Retail & E-commerce


The retail business environment is undergoing a major transformation – new consumer habits, e-commerce growth, and digital transformation are trends that are here to stay and should generate profound changes in this industry. The customer journey will be completely reshaped, channels will change, Stores will change their role completely.

Service Sector


Integration has served more than 200 Service Sector clients, delivering over 600 projects in both B2C and B2B markets.

Our strong focus on the customer and how best to serve them has driven us to be able to work across markets and geographies. We have supported a broad range of clients, from educators to cleaning and security providers to car rental services, in overcoming their specific and often nuanced challenges.

Third Sector


Integration has worked with NGOs, public bodies (such as hospitals and education institutions), and directly with governments, tackling a range of needs across different geographies.