The way that we work with clients is one of many reasons why 87% of Integration clients buy again.

Some of our clients have even engaged in 100+ consulting projects with us, underlining the value they see in our services.​

Whilst no two projects are the same, we hope the experience we give every client can be.

Our clients recognize us for:

True Collaboration

We believe in open, honest, and frequent communication. We seek out opinions, engage in dialogue, and share our thinking and progress as projects evolve.

Pragmatic + Hands On

We find creative solutions to overcome project roadblocks, quickly and with quality. We don’t theorize, we believe in stepping out into the field to understand the true reality.

Tailored Solutions

Templates don’t work. We adapt our methodology & toolkits to deliver results for the clients specific reality. And we adjust our approach together with clients as we uncover new information.

Passion + Energy

Our teams engage and mobilize organizations through the way that they work. We create buy-in towards business goals, and work together with client teams to achieve them.


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Alexandre Cruz and Guilherme Ferreira, Partners | Jive

In this video, Alexandre Cruz and Guilherme Ferreira describe how Integration support Jive in a project of strained assets leading and delivering more than a PowerPoint presentation, but the conception, the identification of the real objectives and what Jive was expecting and giving insights in a very efficient way. At the time of this recording, [...]

André Pezeta, LATAM Director Brazil | Smart Fit

André Pezeta highlights Integration’s work on the company’s expansion process in Mexico. In his opinion, the experienced professionals and support of Integration throughout the project were the most important elements of it being successful, delivered on time and with the necessary quality. At the time of this recording, André Pezeta, was a LATAM Director Brazil [...]

Andrea Napolitano, CEO | Arca+

Andrea Napolitano talks about how Integration is present in Arca+’s history since the beginning, structuring the operational processes and first months of implementation. Integration also supported the team in the discussions between the leaders of the institute. She says Integration’s support was fundamental for the Institute to exist today. At the time of this recording, [...]

Andrea Salgueiro, President | Whirlpool

In this video, Andrea Salgueiro highlights the Integration's support on the new training process to prepare Whirpool's team and its development of new skills and the consolidation of changes. Andrea also comments about Integration's commitment to assertive and careful balance, building the future of Whirpool's business. At the time of this recording, Andrea Salgueiro was [...]

Andreas Zeidler, Vice-President of Business Development – Germany | Vorwerk

In the video, Andreas Zeidler, Vice-President of Business Development at the German company Vorwerk, talks about the support given by Integration during a large project related to the global IT network and business reengineering. At the time of this recording, Andreas Zeidler, was a Vice-President of Business Development – German at Vorwerk.

Andrés Lehuedé, President | Woodtech

In this video, Mr Lehuede explains the weakness in measurement, control and reporting, which was the reason for contracting Integration. He states that Integration correctly identified the need and provided a clear method for resolving the problems, and that the evidence of the success of the project is that this is now a fundamental input [...]

Antonio Carrillo, Managing Director | Mexichem

In this video, Mr Carrillo highlights the great results obtained with the projects which were carried out in partnership with Integration, in Brazil as well as in Mexico. According to him, the implementation characteristics and the presence of the global mind-set Integration has makes a lot of difference for the results to be satisfactory. At [...]

Carlos Acedo, CEO – Latin America | Tricorbraun

In this video, Mr Acedo describes the way in which Integration approached the challenge of expanding into other countries within Latin America. He believes the success came from the analysis of each country within Latin America, by really working together with the internal team, with the understanding of TricorBraun’s business model, and with investing a [...]

Carlos Ficher, General Supplies Manager | UOL

Carlos Ficher describes the challenges UOL was facing with a change in culture, revision of purchasing area were aimed to improve the compliance and a better saving on the acquisition. He emphasized the expertise of Integration as a national and global consultancy company with a team committed in understand, listen and flexible to propose customized [...]

Carolina Steinhauser, Financial Manager | Natura

In this video, Ms Steinhauser talks about Integration’s work alongside Natura in the refinement of the scope, methodologies and the design of processes for the launch of the company’s digital platform. One of the differentials pointed out by Carolina is the attention with change management, risk gathering and project impacts. At the time of this [...]

Eduardo Garofalo, Foods President Brazil | Pepsico

In this video Eduardo Garofalo describes Pepsico's experience with Integration through projects about Value Chain, Optimization of Resources, Assets in the company, and Cost Reduction with a focus on details, professionals' commitment, and discipline to conduct projects. At the time of this recording, Eduardo was President at Pepsico. At the time of this recording, Eduardo [...]

Eduardo Gouveia, President | Alelo

In this video, Mr Gouveia highlights his longstanding relationship with Integration, having contracted Integration in the three last companies he has been working for. This loyalty is due to Integration’s constant result generation, the hands-on approach, the quality of its people and the involvement of the Managing Partners throughout the project. At the time of [...]

Elisabete Strina, Director of Human Resources | Grupo Ri Happy

Director of Human Resources Elisabete Strina highlights Integration’s excellent work with Grupo Ri Happy, including the team’s unconditional support as a key differential. At the time of this recording, Elisabete Strina, was a Human Resources Director at Ri Happy.

Eugênio Mattar, CEO | Localiza

Eugênio Mattar, CEO of Localiza, highlights why the company chose Integration to support revising their process. He believes Integration brings a strategic vision for all processes and works with care and dedication. At the time of this recording, Eugênio Mattar, was CEO at Localiza.

Fábio Barone, Marketing Director – Personal & Health Care | Sanofi

In this video, Mr Barone shares his experience of Integration’s third project within Sanofi, and he explains that Integration no only brings the knowledge and technical aspect, but really ensures the recommendations are implemented fully but working with the whole team and really engaging everyone. At the time of this recording, Fábio Barone was a [...]

Fabio Spinelli, CEO | DPA Brazil

Fabio Spinelli in this video talks about a project Integration undertook to redefine DPA’s GTM strategy in Brazil. More than just redefining the strategy, the project delivered a transformation in the mindset, capabilities and processes of the commercial team. He says that Integration is absolutely unique in the way it works with clients and are [...]

Fernando Rodriguez, Sales and Distribution Director | Philip Morris

Fernando Rodriguez, Sales and Distribution Director at Phillip Morris, talks about why he chose to hire Integration, and the project experience that followed. At the time of this recording, Fernando Rodriguez, was a Sales and Distribution Director at Philip Morris.

Flavio Martins, Sales Director | Martins

In this video, Mr Martins describes the three projects he worked on with Integration and points out Integration’s ability to build teams that perfectly integrate into the client’s reality. At the time of this recording, Flavio Martins, was a Sales Director at Martins.

Francisco Sanches, Financial Director | Saint Gobain

In this video, Mr Sanches highlights that Integration’s work in the revision of the entire administrative and financial structure was essential for the company to be able to face an extremely troubled economic context. The implementation of the Shared Business Services, through strong work in project management and commitment to the delivery, generated a partner [...]

Frank Alcantara, Business Director | EPTV

Frank Alcantara highlights the partnership through a unique methodology exclusive to EPTV which supports the development of the project to integrate all communication platforms. Frank also commented about the expertise and profile of Integration's professionals and their commitment to the project since the beginning. At the time of this recording, Frank was Business Director in [...]

Gabriel Felzenszwalb, Partner – Private Equity | Vinci Partners

Gabriel Felzenszwalb highlights his long-term relationship with Integration. What catches his attention most is the high quality of Integration’s final delivery. He believes Integration conducted the analyses part of a complex acquisition very well, and during the implementation, the preparation of the entire integration and communication strategy made all the difference. At the time of [...]

Héctor Núñez, President and CEO | Ri Happy

In this video, Mr Núñez talks about Integration’s work in the physical, cultural and process integration which took place between Ri Happy and PB Kids, understanding the company, mapping the challenges and working together with the client. At the time of this recording, Héctor Núñez, was a President and CEO at Ri Happy.

Helio Mattar, President | Akatu

In this video, Helio Mattar highlights Integration’s key role in a new Sustainability project, praising the team’s ability to listen to stakeholders, whilst bringing an outside perspective; and drawing together insights to determine the best path forward. He says “with creative insights, Integration drove us to think out of the box and leverage Akatu to [...]

José Aidar Neto, CEO | Cia Müller de Bebidas

In this video, José Aidar Neto highlights Cia Müller de Bebidas's experience working with Integration in a GTM Project and strategic plan, where Integration – in a challenging, objective, conceptual, and didactic way – supported the company leveraging its performance. At the time of this recording, José Aidar Neto was the CEO at Compania Miller [...]

José Giraudo, President Argentina | Acindar

In this video, José Giraudo, who at the time of recording was the President at Acindar Argentina, talks about his positive experience working with Integration. At the time of this recording, José Giraudo was the President of Acindar Argentina.

José Vicente Marino, Vice-President of Business | Natura

In this video, Mr Marino highlights in the video some milestones of the projects developed by Integration alongside Natura, among them the fact of defining the methodology well, bringing methodology, allocating competent professionals and guaranteeing the implementation of the projects. At the time of this recording, José Vicente Marino was a Vice-President of Business at [...]

Judith de Brito, Superintendent Director | UOL

In this video, Ms de Brito tells us about her experience with Integration in a process redesign project, highlighting that from the beginning all the targets were very well understood and they worked together with the client. She points out agility as one of the key factors of the work, in the diagnosis as well [...]

Karen Kanaan – Partner | 42

Karen highlights her experience with Integration at 42 with the challenge in understanding the expansion process, where and how large this flow would be and it has been through a Roadmap project, that Integration has helped 42 to give access to a more humane and innovative learning for those who are interested in pursuing a [...]

Kimberly Terp, Director of Sales Strategy & Planning | Bel Brands

In this video, Kimberly Terp explained how Integrations support Bel Brands to standardize and develop the trade ROI capability. However, the project was impacted by the pandemic Kimberly emphasize the commitment and hands-on profile of Integration's professionals during the whole project. At the time of this recording, Kimberly Terp was a Director of Sales Strategy [...]

Laurent Nielly, President | Ontex

In this video, Laurent Nielly had known Integration for 8 years and have the chance to work within three different companies he works with and highlights three main aspects about Integration deliverables: flexibility, pragmatism, and change management. He shares that Integration's professionals have the skills to execute, implement the project but mainly support the team [...]

Leila Velez – President | Beleza Natural

Leila highlights the partnership of Integration as a gift, in which we helped Beleza Natural to multiply its values, through a business plan that sought a new model of expansion through its model stores, to attend more than 70,000 customers and more than 1,300 employees. * At the time of this recording, Leila Velez was [...]

Leopoldo Horle, President | Ingredion

In this video, Leopoldo Horle highlights Integration through developing a specific and dedicated solution, which has fulfilled Ingredion's need, proposing an adequate "tailor-made" solution, not just bringing ready-made recipes. We feel like a team, working together in search of the best solution for Ingredion and the result has been excellent! At the time of this [...]

Luiz Fazzio, CEO | Grupo Big

In this video, Luiz Fazzio highlights the partnership through the Integration's professional commitment helping Grupo Big to think in measurable and effective contribution. At the time of this recording, Luiz Fazzio was the CEO of Grupo BIG.

Luiz Fernando Barcellos, Vice-President – Supply Chain | Sky

In this video, Mr Barcellos emphasises Integration’s ability to deal with a highly complex project, which involved a million services provided a month to clients, in a professional, detailed and very coordinated manner. This resulted in a final solution which everyone had agreed upon, and Mr Barcellos states he will look to hire Integration for [...]

Luiz Tarquínio, President | Tupy

In this video, Mr Tarquinio highlights Integration’s essential role when Tupy were facing a complex scenario, after two acquisitions carried out by the company. For Mr Tarquinio, Integration’s main differential was the concern with the tangibility of the recommendation and the provision of guidance for the implementation. At the time of this recording, Luiz Tarquínio, [...]

Luiza Toledo – Head of People, Management & Partnerships | Ismart

Luiza highlights the partnership with Integration through the connection with students from basic education to higher education, providing direct experiences with the professional's routine, lectures and bringing together career interests and expertise from market professionals, giving students the opportunity to choose their career in a more assertive way. At the time of this recording, Luiza [...]

Marco D’ippolito, Managing Director | Pátria

In this video, Mr D’Ippolito highlights Integration’s multidisciplinary capacity, the ability to add value to the different projects carried out – be it the revision of the internal structure or the validation of investment theses and the understanding and structuring of target companies. At the time of this recording, Marco D’ippolito, was a Managing Director [...]

Mario Morhy, Director – Supply Chain | Monsanto

In this video, Mr Morhy remembers that all the projects carried out in partnership with Integration were projects that involved in-depth transformations in the organisation, such as the P2P project. Facing this, the team of consultants not only showed themselves to be highly qualified in technical terms, but also had the commitment to not only [...]

Mario Rigon, Advertising Market and Readers Director | O Globo

In this video, Mr Rigon explains how Integration helped to review their sales process, all the way up to the implementation. He mentions that a key differential is that Integration worked very closely with the internal team throughout the project. At the time of this recording, Mario Rigon was a Advertising Market and Readers Director [...]

Mattia Aste, Supply Chain Lead | Monsanto

In this video, Mr Aste explains Monsanto’s current growth in Europe and how Integration helped in various projects over two years to optimise processes. He mentions Integration’s pragmatic approach that comes with lots of agility, and that understanding Monsanto’s needs and bringing knowledge but respecting their own way of doing things have been paramount. He [...]

Maurizio Mauro, ex CEO | Grupo Abril

Maurizio Mauro starts to work with Integration in 2003, in the middle of a media crisis. The challenge was to recover the profit of newspaper shop when Digital companies as Google, Facebook beginning their expansion. Maurizio highlights that more than a methodology, Integration was engaged to implement the solution. At the time of this recording, [...]

Michel Levy, President | Microsoft

In this video, Mr Levy shares his experience with Integration and says that the unquestionable knowledge that Integration has in the segmentation area, and their great experience in stimulating and facilitating strategic discussion through the high quality of its professionals left an excellent legacy for the company and a relationship that has continued since 2006. [...]

Ricardo Barbosa, President | InterCement

Ricardo Barbosa points out that the GTM project, carried out by Integration, was extremely important and with a very satisfactory result, because Integration is a company that has flexibility in discussions, works with 4 hands, shares all its experience, focus on work, firmness in conduct and its professionals are participative and work with pride and [...]

Ricardo Botelho, President | Jamef

Ricardo Botelho shares an excellent experience with Integration at JAMEF through strategic plannings where Integration conducted the project efficiently since the beginning. With experience professionals, Integration’s team gave us feedback, which inspired great trust, not only in the company's management but also in our Administration Board. "Integration supports us capturing the spirit of the company, [...]

Ricardo Garcia, Managing Director | Camanchaca

In this video, Mr Garcia talks about how Integration helped the company, which suffered many changes and improvements after going public, to conduct an in-depth analysis to reach better results and solutions. He remembers that after a broad analysis of the consultancy options, Integration was able to take a team with a simple, competent and [...]

Ricardo Vontobel, President | Vonpar

In this video, Mr Vontobel describes the complex scenario Vonpar were in and the organisational model they created. He contracted Integration to identify some problems and was impressed with the way of interacting alongside the client in the search for solutions, which meant the result of the work truly became a reality. At the time [...]

Rodrigo Osmo, Executive Director | Tenda

In this video, Mr Osmo highlights in this video the very hands on characteristic that is always present in the projects he developed with Integration, most of them involving change and transformation. He mentioned also the technical quality of the professionals, which are not guided only by presentations, but by the involvement with the day [...]

Rogerio Ludorf, Director of Business Development | Petronas

In this video, Mr Ludorf shares the main challenges that were related to understanding the markets Petronas wanted to enter in Latin America, and the prioritisation of these markets. Integration developed an entry strategy, and he recommends Integration because of the understanding of what Petronas wanted, and not only have strong methodology, tools and structuring, [...]

Sean Summers, Senior Vice-President – Marketplace | Mercado Libre

Sean Summers, Senior Vice President of Mercado Libre, talks a bit about the project Integration developed with the company, and why the team’s understanding of cultural changes and challenges finalized his choice of consultancy. At the time of this recording, Sean Summers, was a Senior Vice-President – Marketplace at Mercado Libre.

Sergio Kariya, CEO | Mills

Sergio Kariya highlights the partnership in a project that needs alignment in the boards about a strategic plan where Integration understands the challenge, adapts to the environment, and does not measure effort to deliver good results. At the time of this recording, Sergio Kariya was the CEO of Mills.

Silvio Basante, Information Systems Director | Mondelez

In this video, Silvio Basante highlights the Integration's capability to adapt easily to the companies value. After 5 years working together with Mondelez on different projects, always delivering in high standard quality through commitment professionals. At the time of this recording, Silvio Basante was IT System Director at Mondelez At the time of this recording, [...]

Tobias Grasso, President | Mosaic

In this video, Mr Grasso talks about the growth moment the company was going through and the need to organise itself and analyse the path to obtain better results. It is in this context that Integration helped to structure the synergies between the commercial and supply chain areas, overcoming the challenges and guaranteeing the best [...]

Vânia Alcântara Machado, President | Aché

Vânia Alcântara Machado worked with Integration in a very important strategic Go-to-Market project, so that it would effectively transform all the revenues generated by doctors into demand at points of sale across Brazil. "Before implementing the project, Integration provided us with financial simulations, which gave us confidence, that we were on the right track, especially [...]