A solid culture and entrepreneurial environment, allowing you to drive your career forward, deliver real impact for clients and shape the future of integration


Our values constitute a key element of our culture: they are the foundation of the way we deliver projects.








(*) The reference to the Values described here is based on the Ethical Principles (Character) contained in “The Tree of Evident Professional Performance” (1997) and the “Human Potential Factor Trilogy” (1982/86, 1988, 2020) authored by Luís Antonio Ervolino and co-authored by Amélia de Carvalho e Silva. The definition of each Value was established by Integration Consulting and does not correspond to the original meaning of the Ethical Principles (Character).

We don’t endeavor to change others, we want to serve others better respecting their reality

It is our values that enable us to achieve this goal: they guide our actions, decisions and ways of working in every experience. They drive every engagement, ensuring we fulfill our mission to “promote significant change, always leaving a positive legacy.”

They also demand us to see reality, to adjust to it and to work with clear objectives to ensure we deliver the results our clients need, in the way that they need them. That’s why the way we deliver is often as important as what we are delivering.

Our values are reflected in our professional environment, disciplines and tools

Every new professional is encouraged to understand our values and how they can be applied. We offer a structured training program, and regular cultural training throughout the course of our professionals’ careers to help them identify and appreciate their purpose in a working setting.

We also aim to ensure our professionals live our values in their day to day work. These include the rituals we perform, giving structured evaluations for every project, and 360-degree feedback on a biweekly basis. A significant focus of this structure is to instill, teach, and reward the high standards of work reflected in our professional environment. Career progression is based not only on technical performance but grounded on behavior that truly represents our values.

Your individuality is something to be celebrated

In Integration, our professionals are recognized as individuals, not by their position. We believe everyone’s point of view is different and valuable. Our professionals are required to speak up, to challenge the status quo and to make themselves heard.




“I see the difference that I make as I have ownership of my work.”

Being entrepreneurial means having ideas. It means having a hands-on, can-do attitude. It means rolling up your sleeves and guaranteeing that every project, initiative or workstream delivers the impact that our client needs. Ultimately, it means taking responsibility for generating the change that you want to see.

Our professionals don’t shy away from challenges and they don’t work hidden out of sight in a back room; they take responsibility for creating the impact they want to see. This is possible because we value each one occupying their space. It doesn’t mean you alone have to do everything though, occupying your space also means delivering as part of an effective team.

Our business analysts take a lot of responsibility early on. We live by the philosophy that as soon as you are ready for your next challenge you get it. As a result, Integration provides a challenging and rewarding career, one where you can expect to spend a lot of time outside of your comfort zone, stretching yourself.



“I shape the future of my own organization.”

Our professionals deliver results for our clients. We ensure that everyone has the opportunity to deliver the same type of results for their company.

Our business analysts have the opportunity to take leadership roles in internal initiatives. It is not unusual to find a business analyst leading an internal initiative that reshapes the way that Integration does business. It’s an extremely rewarding way to contribute to the organization you are part of, and a great way to accelerate your learning.



“Integration enables me to drive my career forward.”

Because each individual is unique, we believe that each career path should be unique.

We’ve set ourselves up to empower each of our consultants to steer their own career. At the start of every year, each professional has the opportunity to have a one-to-one discussion with senior professionals. This open and honest conversation allows each individual to lay out the experiences, opportunities and learnings they are looking for over the year, and beyond. This is translated into a “do’s and don’ts” document that describes your preferences and restrictions for project allocations, areas to focus on or ways to align other interests that you may have.

Professional self-improvement, constant feedback and frequent evaluation ensures that professionals have the information to help them make decisions about their future and are able to request what they need.

We are very proud of our track record of following through on our commitments. We know each professional by name, we know the do’s and don’ts of each individual, and help to ensure that each allocation is aligned with the experiences and challenges that you require.




Integration’s culture has been ideal for my personal and professional development because it provides a challenging intellectual environment, all the tools necessary for self-improvement, and respect for individuality. The mentorship program has been especially beneficial for me as it has provided a balance in having ownership of my work and constant feedback as I learn. The responsibilities given to recent college graduates is extremely rewarding. I feel respected and stimulated to grow because I am contributing to projects with my own point of view during my early development.



The culture at Integration is based on respect for the individuality of the other. It understands that each of us is unique, it encourages co-creation and value-add when delivering, it promotes a light atmosphere and it gives us the freedom to be ourselves. I feel fulfilled as an individual in this high-performance environment that values the development of each professional. 



Integration’s culture is really unique. It’s a place where you are not only able to be yourself but where this is a requirement for developing. There is a genuine concern for people among Integration’s professionals, for their wellbeing and their growth. This always motivates us to go one step further and leave behind a positive heritage. 

The focus on maintaining and living our values, respecting each’s individuality and having an entrepreneurial spirit naturally makes a great work environment, full of professional development and freshness thought it. 

I’m certain that Integration’s culture it’s a true differential for its professionals and clients, and if it wouldn’t be for it I would not be at strategic consulting. 



The culture at Integration can be hard to put into words but, in my mind, it’s the experience of working in a space that allows me to learn and thrive.

This comes from being able to count on those around me to bring focus and put effort into the professional and personal development of others.

People at Integration really live the values of dignity and respect every day – not just in how we deal with clients but in how we deal with each other.

This provides a welcoming professional environment that I’ve felt a part of from the very beginning.



Working with skilled people who prioritize freshness in projects, do not judge, contribute in a genuine way and respect my individuality gives me the certainty that I am in the right place.

Lucas Cristo



I’m thrilled to be part of Integration and I constantly feel inspired by the professionals putting our culture into practice on a daily basis giving genuine feedback to each other and truly listening to all points of view, even if that means having tough discussions. After several years of working here, feeling that deep sense of respect for each individual is something that still surprises me. Be it the transparent environment in which all opinions are relevant or the respect for individual choices and needs, Integration is there to support our professional development. This is not something to take for granted and it assures me every day that I’m in the right place to build my career. 



Integration’s culture is unique. That’s not only a big differential for all professionals but also for our clients and for projects. Integration is a place where professional development is promoted through constant feedback. All points of view are valued – no matter the level of experience or seniority. This shows the genuine importance Integration places on each individual’s growth.

What I admire most about Integration is the respect for individuality. The range of different tools and spaces the company provides to understand our needs, to provide guidance and to ensure each person’s well-being is unlike anything I’ve experienced.

Integration’s culture is really unparalleled, and it can be seen in each professional. I’m certain that this culture has helped me become the professional I am today.



The culture at Integration was the main differential that caught my eye. There’s no such thing as better or worse culture, as they’re all different. In my case, I found a clear match between Integration’s values and my own.
It’s a very professionally driven culture, characterized by care, passion and a strong ambition to grow. Their values are much more than words, they come to life in day-to-day work life.



For me, the unique culture of Integration truly differentiates the company from any other consultancy. At the core of this culture stand very strong values that drive decisions, the way of working, and the day-to-day interaction at Integration. Since joining the company, I have been amazed at how deeply integrated these values are and the extent of how each professional shows a fit to the culture transmitting and living the values in a very genuine and natural manner. In practice, this promotes everyone to fully express his individuality, point of view, and personal needs creating an inspiring environment both from an intellectual and professional, but also from a personal development perspective. In the end, it is just amazing to see how each professional can grow and thrive in his or her very own and unique way!



Integration has been essential for me to mature as a professional. I’ve learned countless things over these past years. It’s incredible to see this environment that was built by Integration, a place where culture is present every day: in our relations with clients, among staff and even with the company itself. One of the things I admire most about this culture, and for which I’m very thankful, is INDIVIDUALITY. At Integration, I not only feel respected for the way I am, I also feel incentivized and valued for being who I am. It’s interesting to see how every one of us, each in our own individuality, contributes to creating this environment.  



I’m truly convinced that the culture of a company is one of the key factors regarding the professional development of its employees. This is why I believe Integration is really different, because its culture is based on values that promote development. Integration provides me with an environment where I feel respected at all times and where my opinion is really valued, which empowers me to be a better professional every day. Inside Integration each professional is encouraged to give constant feedback regardless of the position they have, which allows us to grow as an organization in a transparent way. This also demonstrates that there is a genuine interest for the growth of each individual. Since I started working at Integration, the company has ensured that my individual needs are respected, allowing me to maximize my potential and develop myself in the consulting world.