Our commitment

Every company is part of a bigger system – At Integration we are committed to operate in ways that are socially responsible and environmentally sustainable.

We act in accordance with the United Nation’s Ten Principles of Corporate Social Responsibility and reflect on these in everything we do.

We measure our environmental and social footprint and are actively working to improve it. And we give back to our communities through working in partnership with NGOs, start-ups and tertiary sector associations in activities ranging from mentorship to pro-bono projects.

Acting responsibly

Integration has a sustainability team responsible to measure and improve our company’s environmental and social footprint. This team works across all offices and actively engages with our employees to explain the importance of the subject and involves them in measuring and understanding the topic, setting and achieving objectives and bringing new ideas.

Social responsibility is a big part of our conversation with our employees, we continuously seek to make the way we work and interact is sustainable despite a project driven business. We value our employees and clients and believe in both collaboration and self-development.

Supporting our communities

Beyond our core business activities, Integration is committed to support social initiatives and start-ups. Of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) promoted by the United Nations, we have selected three to actively support.  We believe these are the ones that our business practices and culture can make the largest impact:

Organizations we help

Integration is supporting a range of NGOs, start-ups and organizations with pro-bono projects and is expanding our partnership efforts. We believe in collaboration and joint efforts as a prerequisite to impact and expand topics beyond our day-to-day activity.