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Our purpose

Tech & Digital is our specialized practice, dedicated to providing Advanced Analytics solutions to our projects and to support digital transformations for our clients.

We focus on addressing our clients’ business needs, bringing together our technical knowledge of these topics with business acumen and respect. In this manner, we believe it is possible to deliver sustainable transformation.

What challenges are our clients facing?

The digital revolution is transforming the business landscape making it more complex to navigate, competitive, and volatile. We see pressures on all sides:

More access to services and technologies impacting consumer behaviour and expectations regarding their relationship with companies.They demand higher service levels and more fluid, instant and meaningful experiences. CUSTOMERS EMPOWERED The scale and spread of technologies has broken traditional entry barriers opening the battleground for companies of all sizes to deliver significant value, innovate on business models and disrupt value chains. NEW FRONTIERS TO COMPETITION There are more variables and levers influencing businesses decisions; scenarios, contexts change constantly and dramatically within a short period. More data is available to inform decision making; and the challenge to provide simple and fast solutions is changing the trade-off between speed and accuracy. COMPLEXITY AND VOLATILITY

The different forces that digitization exerts on businesses present both a risk and an opportunity.

Opportunities: Embracing this new reality and implementing digital transformation gives the potential for your business to expand its reach, obtain a competitive advantage, and offer new value propositions. This may be through:

  • smoother and more personalized interactions across physical and digital platforms,
  • offering tailored products and services to the customer
  • pursuing new ventures or business models which were once restricted by physical channels or
  • extracting more value and efficiency in your core business operations by using AI, Automation, and Advanced Analytics.

Risks: Companies, business models, and technologies now evolve and transform within months not years. Actions must be taken promptly otherwise the gap between what the context demands and what organizations are prepared to offer can widen quickly, eroding competitive advantage, and leading to lost sales, market share, and profitability.

How do we help?

We know that Digital Transformation needs to be interpreted and tailored for each context and client depending on their purpose, ambition, and starting point.

From the deep understanding of the business challenge through to technology application and the critical human adoption, we support our clients through a unique approach:

  • Your reality – we translate what Digitization means for you: Every organization faces its unique challenges and the concept of “digital” has a different meaning for each of our clients. We focus on understanding your unique transformation journey considering not just aspects of technology, but also organization, and people as intrinsic elements of change. Only then we select the best technological tools as enablers.
  • Teams with business acumen and technical expertise – in the delivery of our solutions we bring together (i) experienced business consultants from our practices, with (ii) our internal tech experts (who have knowledge in the likes of Data Analytics, AI, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing and Automation) and (iii) a relevant ecosystem of technology partners.
  • People-oriented – we leverage the Human Factor: We believe that generating lasting and impactful change always relies on people at the core. This means that individuals, teams, leadership, and culture always are considered in every solution and we take the care to develop them as much as the tools of any solution.
  • Implementation-driven:  Solutions only generate results if they are implemented. That means when you finish a project with us, you’re not left with a slide deck, but with a clear roadmap to achieve your business goals. We don’t create consultancy dependency – all solutions, tools, and simulators are presented intuitively with your staff trained to understand or operate them.


We address our client’s differing needs across three dimensions:




Consumer &
User Experience


Diagnosis and benchmarking

Digital strategic planning

Value proposition on end-to-end service/experience

Digital marketing & trade marketing

Manage the conversion rate through pricing and cost of acquisition

Sales & service channels integration

Fulfillment & customer service model



Optimizing the use of
Intelligence &
Analytics Proposition

& Control


Customer service, planning & sourcing & ‘Smart Centre’

Manufacturing, transportation & warehousing

Efficient model, process & structure to leverage use of data

Manage revenue, retention & payment

AI & Machine Learning, Big & Social Data Analytics and Optimization






Organization & governance model design, cultural shape & leadership model

Strategy, ecosystem, structure, processes & management model

Policies, ways of working & strategic processes (recruiting / training / communication)

Agile product/process design & implementation



One of the largest tourism operators in Latin America had a strong brick-and-mortar retail arm but a weaker digital presence. Hard-pressed by born-digital competitors, margins were dropping year after year and there was a lack of consensus on the strategic north for the company.


Working with the leadership we outlined how to move towards a customer-centric agenda, identifying its core customers and defining the value proposition for each customer segment. By segmenting the tourism market, we were able to identify customers that had a good fit with their value proposition, and that represented a relevant portion of the market.

We then evaluated the key aspects that had to be redesigned inside the company´s channels, products, and touchpoints to enhance customer experience and transform the company´s culture.


As a result, we designed a complete roadmap for the company’s digital transformation encompassing 4 main streams:

  1. Protection of the core business – we looked for synergies in the operational model that would protect commercial margins and adjusted the business model/GTM accordingly.
  2. Value proposition reset – we reformulated the entire value proposition for the selected customer segments along their journey, placing the customer’s experience at the forefront;
  3. Enablers – we redesigned the organizational structure and branding according to the necessary change and new capabilities required;
  4. Digital disruption – here we explored with the client levers to instill digital innovation, investigating startup ecosystems, investment in venture capital, among other alternatives.


A large pharmaceutical retailer chain with more than 1000 stores in Brazil was motivated to expand their digital offering, redefining the way they could interact with their customers across offline/online channels.

They asked Integration to support them with a wide-ranging project to increase convenience to the customer and give them more fluid experience across their interactions with the business.


Integration’s ability to truly listen to our clients, identify demands, and understand market dynamics played a vital part in this project. The company did not have a well-defined digital strategy and so we set about understanding from zero, how to deliver the company’s objective.

Alongside the leadership we redefined the consumer journey across online/offline channels, improving the value proposition at each stage. This allowed us to identify the transformation required across the company to deliver the desired value proposition. For example, the e-commerce updates required, the capability developments needed, process automation, organizational structure changes, and changes to the governance.

We then supported the client with this transformation implementation. Here a key component for success was to engage a multi-functional team in the client´s operation in daily sessions to monitor KPIs and quickly identify the root cause of deviations, empowering them to act as a control tower with a broad view of the entire process from sales to logistics.


The project would see us revamp their entire digital strategy; launch e-commerce and mobile App operations, automate processes, and instill Agile governance in their commercial area.

In a very short period, our client was able to catch-up with other market players and offer new services to customers via a diverse range of channels and delivery options. This resulted in a 30% reduction in complaint calls, an 80% increase in on-time deliveries, and a sustained reduction in logistics issues.


A market leader in gas commercialization and distribution was battling increased competition and needed to undergo a strategic transformation to guarantee the company’s sustainability. A significant part of this transformation relied on a switch towards a more digital way of working and the company realized that it would also have to lead a cultural transformation to adapt to its new ways of working.


Integration helped to assess the company’s current culture, to understand the new strategic drivers, to define the necessary future culture, and to construct a complete cultural transformation plan with initiatives in the short, medium, and long-term.

During the processes, the entire company was indirectly involved, more than 45 professionals were directly involved, and the entire HR team was trained and involved in the Change Management Workfront. We also trained a PMO and implemented a governance model to guarantee the implementation of defined initiatives over time.


With the buy-in and positive example set by the new leadership, a new Cultural Declaration was formalized and embedded, detailing the cultural needs of the company.

We were able to generate movement and credibility quickly with a cultural transformation plan that prioritized 18 short/medium term initiatives. A PMO and change management team that had been trained by us in best practices was able to push through these initiatives without a dependency on our support.

Our latest thinking:



André Durso

Andre Durso is a senior lab manager at Integration and has been working since July 2016 in the Tech & Digital Lab practice. At Integration, Andre has worked with several methodologies, such as go-to-market, diagnosis and process restructuring, strategic planning and market sizing, among others, across sectors such as consumer goods, health, the furniture industry [...]

André Valente

André Valente is a senior director at Integration and a leader within the Marketing & Sales Practice. With nearly two decades of experience supporting clients across diverse sectors and geographies, André is a specialist in the topics of innovation management, digital and data solutions, go-to-market models, market-entry strategies and global marketing approaches.

Daniel Rodrigues

Daniel is a Partner within our Marketing & Sales practice and leader of Integration’s Tech & Digital. Over the course of over 10 years with Integration, Daniel has helped clients from diverse industries and countries with digital and commercial challenges ranging from Go-to-Market Strategy to Commercial Due Diligence. Through his extensive business experience Daniel ensures [...]

Fernando Hazzan

Fernando Hazzan is a senior lab manager within Integration's Tech & Digital practice and has been working with the company since July 2020. He started his career at Integration as a consultant in the same practice, transitioning to Bain & Company as a senior consultant and then to Google as a strategy and operations manager. [...]

Guilherme Paz

Guilherme Paz is a senior manager leading the Digital Practice at Integration. Having joined the company in 2015, Guilherme has over 7 years of experience supporting clients in transforming their digital strategies and supply chain operations. His focus lies in the consumer services, retail and FMCG industries, with various projects addressing digital strategies and operations, [...]

Iago Affonso

Iago Affonso is a Tech & Digital senior consultant, having joined the company in 2017. His focus areas of expertise are Go-To-Market for high tech companies, E-commerce, Growth Marketing, Artificial Intelligence & ML applications for marketing & sales, Agile ways of working, Product Mgmt and Corporate Venture Capital. Prior to Integration, Iago worked for 2 [...]

Jairo Pakes

Jairo Pakes is Director of Digital Solutions at Integration and has been with the company since 2007. He is specialized in key elements of the digitalization journey, including data management & automation, advanced modeling, digital dashboards, data-driven transformations and artificial intelligence solutions. Prior to joining Integration’s Tech & Digital practice, Jairo built experience through diverse […]

Jamie Gale

Jamie Gale is a partner at our  London Office. He has spent more than 25 years in the consulting industry and private sector. Jamie is recognized for his extensive experience in digital, developing and executing strategies that enable business transformation. He has supported clients across manufacturing, retail, telecommunications, financial services, food & beverage and transportation [...]

Jorge Jamil

Jorge Jamil is Integration’s Global IT Manager & Security Officer, responsible for project management of technology, compliance and information security. He is a member of the high-technology crime council of the OAB of São Paulo and the UN digital security council.

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