Connecting strategy, culture and people to develop a high-performance organizational environment

Our purpose

To move organizations present reality to their future

What challenges do we help our clients overcome?

‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast’

Considering the constant need to change and adapt that the general market demands now a days, we help CEOs answer questions like:

  • What is the necessary organizational culture to assure my short- and long-term business goals?
  • How do I connect with and build commitment with employees to sustain the culture through the organizational environment, tools, and rituals?
  • How do I organize the business structure to ensure the implementation of my strategy?
  • How do I develop my team’s competencies and strengthens?

‘Being reactive to change is no longer a luxury we can afford’

Seeing that the industry 4.0 demands organizations to learn and adjust fast, we help your company by determining how to:

  • How do I ensure I have the necessary competencies for the future?
  • How can I prepare leaders to drive organizational transformation?
  • How do I create the “embrace the change” mindset on my teams?
  • How do I build a culture that not only embraces change, but likes it?

‘More diverse companies are often more innovative and creative

We understand that diverse teams will bring broader ideas and new perspectives to the table. So, we help your company to achieve diversity goals by addressing challenges such as:

  • How to attract and retain the right employees which are aligned with the culture
  • How to create a productive and efficient work environment that holds unique individuals, different generations, different profiles, habits, and expectations?
  • How to effectively communicate and translate the organizational positioning and differentials to professionals and the target audience from the market?
  • How to ensure that the companies culture sees and respects these differences?
  • How to guarantee coherence between EVP, organizational culture, and HR processes?
  • How to be recognized by the market as a great place to work?

What makes us different?

Our differential is in how we work

We are a human-centric practice inside a strategy consulting firm. This means we ensure organizational transformation and people development whilst talking business.

We have reviewed and studied the main sciences to support and strengthen their development. This led us to the ID One ® Methodologies   which we believe enable leaders to achieve their true potential. We understand that each company is unique, therefore, every company requires a singular solution . We work side-by-side with our other practices, promoting a synergic environment for the project’s needs. We make sure that we involve and evolve professionals during our projects. Our methodology is focused on identifying and developing the necessary culture to enable strategic results. We work on developing leaders and teams to implement and sustain the changes. We identify and create, when needed, coherent rituals and tools to strengthen the process . 1 2 7 3 6 8 5 4 We focuses one developing a culture that will be sustainable for the company and leave a positive heritage.

Integration is a consultancy that implements our recommendations with the knowledge of people. As we know that transformation happens with and through people, we make sure that we involve and evolve professionals during our projects as part of leaving a positive heritage.

And as transformation only takes place when ideas become reality, we always focus on the necessary culture to enable strategic results, strong and prepared leadership to guide the changes and coherent rituals and tools to strengthen the process. Without this alignment and the understanding that each company is unique, it is impossible to go through a real transformation.

As leaders are the foundation to sustain organizational transformation, we have reviewed and studied the main sciences to support and strengthen their development. This led us to the ID One ® Methodologies which we believe enable leaders to achieve their true potential.


Our solutions aim to address our client’s differing needs across three dimensions:

Culture can enable or hinder a strategy. We support the definition, design and subsequent realization of a cultural transformation which supports your business strategy. Taking the necessary culture, which may seem an abstract concept, into a pragmatic roadmap of actions which encompasses leadership preparation, management systems and change management.

A human-centric approach towards change focused on connecting individuals and teams to your organization and enhancing your capability to achieve continual transformation in the pursuit of business goals.

Safeguarding the business strategy through guaranteeing that the right people are in the right positions at the right moment through the identification of required future abilities, evaluating current gaps and determining action plans.

Bringing together structure, processes, governance and people in a coordinated manner to sustain the organization strategy and improve speed and quality of decision making.

Design of a performance management system which ensures that employees’ efforts and results are aligned with the strategic objectives of the business and to ensure that they have visibility of the potential career paths available to them, with clarity on the necessary skills required per position/level and in line with employee interests and expectations.

Appraisal of the entire employee journey from the first contact to contract cessation, delivering an experience which truly accounts for different personas, increases satisfaction, creates coherence with company culture and maps the impact on human resources processes.

Definition, differentiation and communication to the market of the unique value proposition as an employer, ensuring coherence between how the company wants to be seen and its internal culture, strategy and business objectives.

Review and redesign of the HR business model considering culture, strategy and best practices to make HR recognized as a strategic area and to guarantee the delivery of the Employee Value Proposition, through coordinated action, clear priorities and organizational engagement.

Strengthening individuals and teams through the ID One® Accredited CENTRE



A Brazilian health company was preparing for national expansion and IPO, having seen consistent accelerated growth in previous years. To support this process they needed to strengthen compliance and governance through increased formalization and standardization. However, they had the challenge of ensuring the maintenance of the cultural principles which were essential for their strategy and growth.


Integration worked very closely with the leadership (carrying out workshops with 40 executives) to understand and translate clearly and systematically what was essential to preserve in the company´s culture while looking at its new challenges and objectives.

We deeply understood the company’s strategy, and its roadmap for the future and used this to formalize “Ways of Being ” for all employees – translating the company’s core objectives into expected behaviours for performance evaluation.

Considering benchmarks from companies that had gone through similar processes we defined what success factors were required for this company according to its culture diagnosis and, from it, we designed a pragmatic action plan for the change. At the forefront of this change was a new organizational structure and an aligned performance management process and remuneration model.


The IPO process was very successful. The company has implemented all the initiatives and is constantly evolving, being recognized as a high-performance option in the stock market.

With our support, the company developed its competence to look at culture, structure and people as an essential part of sustaining its strategy and growth. This has led to greater alignment and discussion of culture at the executive level, improving working conditions and synchronizing the interests of the company and its professionals as it continues to grow.


A consumer goods company in the food sector decided to unify two of its four divisions, in an attempt to capture potential synergies – namely in maximizing its salesforce, amplifying market knowledge and being more efficient with shared resources. The movement impacted directly almost 1,100 professionals who were operating in totally separated structures with very distinct cultures and history of competitiveness. The company faced a huge challenge in defining and guaranteeing the necessary culture to sustain the business of the new division.


Integration supported the client in preparing for the integration to ensure that the two divisions operated as a single entity within just 6 months. This required deep analysis of the existing cultures through interviews and surveys with both leadership and operational teams.

This highlighted the differences that needed to be overcome to reach the new culture necessary to sustain the business strategy. A comprehensive action plan was developed to achieve the changes necessary through a revised structure and processes with clear drivers and change management activities.

Working alongside the client, Integration supported the official launch of the new BU in the annual convention for the entire company and media for the external public. Up until this moment, we were in close communication with all 1,100 staff to make clear what was happening and why to ensure all parties understood the changes and impacts occurring, which subsequently took place through 2 successful waves of restructuring.


  • Successful launch of the new division both internally and externally.
  • No voluntary turnover, no talent loss and no relevant noise during the entire process.
  • The expertise from both divisions was preserved
  • The new culture was defined and well-communicated
  • Professionals felt they are truly part of the new division according to the surveys applied and the new division has one single team learning a new single culture with one single leadership.

Our latest thinking:



The Leadership & Organization practice count on professionals with project experience in clients across Latin America, North America and Europe, in a wide variety of industries, such as Consumer Goods, Retail, Private Equity & Investments, Financial Sector, Healthcare, Media and Entertainment, Agribusiness, NGOs and others.

This broad experience allows our professionals to have a great understanding of organizational dynamics in each industry, cross-industry benchmarks in terms of culture, strategy and people issues and best practices that will leverage our recommendations. Nonetheless, each client is unique and we will always recreate our approach based on that.




Leadership & Organization is a practice that address crucial elements to guarantee the strategy and perpetuity of a company. Our team is prepared to understand the uniqueness of each company, engaging all the organization in a co-creation process. We believe that culture is alive and part of a project is to generate a movement inside the company.

Jéssica Pavão

Jéssica Pavão is a senior manager at Integration's Leadership & Organization Practice and she has been working at the company since 2016. Throughout her career, Jéssica has worked on change management projects in the retail and consumer goods sectors, post-merger integration (PMI), implementation of organizational structures, design of recruitment and professional development programs, design of [...]

Renata Moura

Renata Moura is the partner responsible for the Leadership & Organization practice established in 2016. Renata has over 20 years of professional experience, having worked in 5 different companies and segments. She began her career at AMBEV in the consumer segment, then participated in the privatization of the telecommunications sector at OI and the consolidation [...]

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