Designing the optimum route-to-market considering partnerships, distribution methods and activation strategies.

What challenge(s) do our clients face?

Entering a new market is a pivotal moment for a company which requires robust planning in order to interconnect the business strategy, Go-to-Market model, financial planning and operations.

Entering a new market, category, business or region exposes companies to a balance of risk and opportunity. It requires organizations to navigate new territory and with this comes challenges that are often interdependent and multifaceted. Our clients often have doubts which can be characterized across 4 themes:

  • Route-to-market: What is the best route to market for our business? Should we go it alone, acquire an existing player or find strategic partnerships? Considering our ambitions and strategy, how should we proceed with core decisions (velocity, financial leveraging, risk appetite, revenue and profitability targets)?
  • Return on investment: How much will it cost to enter this market and what is our expected ROI? Based on our strategic decisions and entrance phasing, what are the associated ‘entry economics’ i.e. financial projections of revenue ramp up, costs (variable and fixed), profits, needs for financial leveraging, risk and disaster scenario estimations?
  • Positioning: Given the market and competition, what is my marketing and sales entry plan? How should I position myself in terms of price, USPs, target audience etc.? What value proposition is likely to boost growth fastest? Which consumer segments will I target and which channels will I use to reach them?
  • Implementation roadmap: How do I execute this strategy in real life and what are the associated risks and impacts? Which activities and projects should I initiate and in what order (roadshows, communications, client engagements, hiring, G&A investments, contracts, legal requirements, operations ramp up etc.)?

How do we help?

We support you in determining a financially sound entry strategy with a pragmatic route to implementation considering your context and goals.

Integration has a long track record of successful Market Entry projects across a range of sectors and through this experience we have developed a proprietary methodology which delivers the answers to the questions above, whilst also augmenting your internal capability for future challenges.

IDENTIFYING AND EVALUATING ALL ENTRY OPTIONS: Integration creates scenarios that address your market entry needs in the context of your strategy and ambition. We provide a wide evaluation of different entry options, with qualitative and quantitative criteria (growth speed, value proposition alignment, etc.) based on a deep market understanding with channel/region/category granularity. 1 FINANCIAL SIMULATION TO QUANTIFY AND SUPPORT BUSINESS DECISIONS: We facilitate the scenario assessment through quantifying a wide range of financial indicators such as revenue generated per client and product, discounts and allowances per client and channel, sales and merchandising costs based on the business model, logistics and freight costs per region and product etc. Furthermore, to guarantee that you can adjust the financial model with new learnings and assumptions over time, we train your team in how to use the tool. 2 TACKLING MARKETING AND SALES DEFINITIONS WITH OUR COMPLETE GO-TO-MARKET DESIGN: We define everything from value proposition, market segmentation, portfolio, addressable market sizing, adherent channels/regions to shortlist of key clients per region. This is coupled with a definition of the positions, processes and capabilities which are needed to deliver the pre-defined goals in line with the speed and maturity you desire. 3 TACKLING PLANNING, RISKS AND RESOURCE ALLOCATION WITH OUR ROBUST IMPLEMENTATION METHODOLOGY: We work alongside you throughout, to guarantee that the entry strategy designed is adherent to your reality and thus implementable. We leverage our experience to strengthen the risk analysis and where relevant Integration analyzes possible partners and their capabilities. 4 A ROADMAP FOR THE JOURNEY AHEAD WITH RITUALS TO MAINTAIN PROGRESS: We create a detailed roadmap that collates the necessary projects, resources, investments, KPIs and interdependencies into a single platform to ensure synchronization and clear visibility for leadership. The KPIs guarantee that all targets can be monitored with discipline and clarity through a governance with rituals. We provide these rituals, templates and indicators so that your company can rely on granular and pragmatic leadership. Integration also provides in depth training for the company’s resources in order to embed PMO and market development knowledge. 5

Although we keep a close relationship with our clients and follow-up after projects, our goal is to minimize any dependence by providing the guidance, tools and capabilities that will enable you and your teams to be empowered to take decisions and adjust to new realities long after Integration has left.

What are the benefits?

  • Deeper understanding of different entry strategies and their implications, empowering decision makers to choose the option that best fits their strategy and ambition
  • Higher chance of success by taking marketing and sales definitions adherent to your reality
  • More action and less theory with a clear and holistic plan
  • Fewer implementation risks by identifying them and defining mitigating actions

How does it work?

We work hand in hand with you to develop the entry strategy that suits your context and needs, bringing our external experience, proven implementable methodologies (e.g. how to conduct field assessments), and access to a network of industry experts.

UNDERSTANDING Gain a deeper understanding of the price, portfolio, region, channel, regulations and opportunities in the context of your business strategy. 1 Gather strategic insights into the market: Our teams access industry experts to provide support and knowledge about market specificities, guaranteeing a realistic vision of the market and a practical approach. This is to give the team a holistic understanding of the market and the challenges your company will face when entering. A Deep dive into your business: To ensure that the market entry strategy will be tailored for your business and not just copied and pasted from external benchmarks we focus on developing a solid analytical understanding of your operations with execution focused outputs in mind. B EVALUATE THE DIFFERENT ENTRY STRATEGY OPTIONS We undertake a qualitative and quantitative analysis, based on an assessment of different players in the business ecosystem (competitors as well as partners), expert interviews, previous industry experience and field visits (visiting points of sale and meeting clients, consumers, influencers, government leaders, brokers, wholesalers and academic experts etc.) to bring the most relevant inputs possible. 2 DEFINE THE ENTRY STRATEGY MARKETING AND SALES PLAN For the selected scenario; the depth and breadth of the plan is defined with you and involves deliverables such as a new product brand plan, sales and trade marketing strategy (until pricing definition), trade marketing plan and commercial and trade organizational structure after roll-out. 3 DEFINE THE ENTRY STRATEGY MARKETING AND SALES PLAN In this phase, we consider the challenges you will face when entering the market mapped in the previous workstreams, define the main risks and build an action plan that considers these elements and your capacity for speed when entering the new market. 4

We bring both mind and heart, connecting technical knowledge and in-depth analysis, with a commitment to creating tailored solutions that truly reflect our client’s pain points and needs.

Our strength lies in bringing original and perceptive insights – Integration teams don’t work sat in a room, looking at widely available industry reports, but out in the field, interviewing experts, talking to potential partners, and surveying real customers.



Integration supported a global industry-leading consumer-packaged-goods organization in understanding the fundamentals and entry requirements for the Cuban market. The challenge the company faced was that Cuba has limited data, outdated studies and few published success stories, and so Integration had to gather the majority of the inputs on the ground.


Integration’s team spent more than a month fully embedded and living the Cuban life – an immersive experience that involved more than 80 interviews with consumers, 5 with state agencies and 10 with different retail companies. We visited more than 50 points of sales and utilised more than 60 sources of data.


Integration developed a complete study on branding, consumption habits, channel profiles, distribution channels, governance procedures for market entry and the global supply chain route options for reaching the island. It was connected to a detailed step by step plan for how to enter the market with four different entry scenarios ranging from partnerships to stand alone full investment.


Integration supported a Brazilian plant-based food company in entering the European market. After conducting a market scan, where we had 27 countries and selected with the company 3 countries for entry, we then looked to define the entry strategy for the target countries.

Our task was to define where to pack, where to sell and at which price to generate healthy margins for the partners in the value chain (given there was a European distribution partner already pre-selected).


Integration’s hands on approach involved not only data research and interviews, but also a visit to one of the largest food fairs in Europe to understand the different steps of the value chain and assess different players. Each definition was also validated was the pre-selected distribution partner, to guarantee strategic adherence for both companies. This included addressing the partner’s capability gaps in the implementation phase in order to guarantee a smooth market entry.


A P&L simulator was built to calculate the financial impact of the aforementioned choices. We also delivered a list of the priority channels for entry, which included specific accounts to activate and the necessary investments to convert the desired accounts.

Our latest thinking:

Knowledge sharing UK


Integration’s track record involves a range of regional and international companies, across multiple countries and regions, from sectors such as Consumer Goods (especially Food, Beverage & Personal Care), Financial Sector, Technology, Retail, Construction and Services. This means we have developed an understanding of the market dynamics, consumer trends and local practices in various geographies and allows us to access experts worldwide in order to provide reliable and updated benchmarks that challenge our recommendations for each industry and region.


André Valente

André Valente is a senior director at Integration and a leader within the Marketing & Sales Practice. With nearly two decades of experience supporting clients across diverse sectors and geographies, André is a specialist in the topics of innovation management, digital and data solutions, go-to-market models, market-entry strategies and global marketing approaches.

Carlos Lima

Carlos Lima is the president of Integration and a founding partner. Carlos has worked with leading international companies across the globe as a consultant for the last 30 years and has developed a particular specialization in Marketing and Sales. He is considered an expert in the Consumer Goods sector and on the topics of Commercial [...]

Guido Solari

Guido Solari is a partner at Integration and the head of our LATAM offices. Guido joined the company in 2006 and is part of the Marketing & Sales Practice. He has carried out over 250 projects across Latin America, North America and Europe, serving clients in the areas of mass consumer goods, agribusiness, pharmaceuticals, media [...]

Guilherme Melo

Guilherme Melo is a junior manager at Integration's strategy, intelligence & innovation (SI&I) area. He previously worked at Integration from 2012 to 2018 and rejoined the company in July 2021. Guilherme's main areas of expertise include go-to-market strategy, the evaluation & design of distribution networks, market sizing and entry strategies, with a focus on the [...]

Ian Specht

Ian Specht is a Senior Manager at Integration and has been working in the Marketing & Sales practice since July 2019. His experience includes Strategic Management and also has the following certifications: White Belt; Financial Management/ Investments.

Lucas Jordan

Lucas Jordan is an senior manager at Integration in the Marketing & Sales Practice. Prior to Integration, Lucas worked at Ambev and Credit Suisse. His primary experience includes structuring and revision of go-to-market models, market scans, strategic planning and entry and expansion strategies.

Luis Bernal

Luis Bernal is a director in the Marketing & Sales Practice. Originally from Columbia, Luis is an entrepreneur at heart, and has worked in several start-ups in Colombia, receiving his MBA from IPADE. He has accumulated international consulting experience whilst working across the United States, Mexico, Caribbean and Central America, Colombia and Brazil in industries [...]

Paulo Guimarães

Paulo Guimarães is an engagement manager in Marketing & Sales, working in the company since October 2014.  His experience includes projects related to strategic planning, go-to-market design, market sizing, commercial model & structure revision, financial simulation, due diligence and commercial policy in sectors such as technology, durable & nondurable consumer goods, infrastructure, private equity and [...]

Robin Griffiths

Robin Griffiths is an engagement manager at Integration’s UK Office and has worked with the company since 2018. His experience is focused on Growth and Transformation projects, including Commercial Strategy, Go-to-market Strategy, Organization Design, Market Scan & Entry Strategy, Project Management, and Change Management. This experience has been built working across a diverse set of [...]

Rodrigo Seabra

Rodrigo Seabra is the partner at our Office in Munich. He joined Integration in 2006 in Brazil and led the Mexico Office, before taking on responsibility of the Munich Office. Rodrigo is part of our Implementation Practice, has amassed international experience in industries such as consumer goods, retail, food & beverage, pharmaceutical and healthcare and [...]

Roger Saltiel

Roger Saltiel is a partner at Integration and has been working since 2002 in the Marketing & Sales practice. Considered an authority in the Indirect Channel and Partner Relationship Management (PRM), he is a member of the Associação Brasileira de Atacadistas e Distribuidores (ABAD) [Brazilian Association of Wholesalers and Distributors], working in the leadership of [...]

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