Integration has served hugely varied clients across the Industrial Sector in over 30 countries, from Oil & Gas producers in Latin America, Construction conglomerates in Europe to Chemical businesses in the US.

We have supported clients across multiple subsectors, regions and target markets with everything from Supply Chain transformation to entering new markets, building substantial knowledge in different B2B markets.

We leverage our sector knowledge, business expertise, and unique method to support our clients to overcome their specific challenges and realize their opportunities.


Characterized by a complex and specific set of challenges ranging from asset payback periods to environmental pressures, industry players must manage large and multifaceted businesses with efficiency.

In this competitive and commodity-driven market, organizations must manage complex Supply Chains to deliver products globally with efficiency, sustainability, and reliability.



In this video, Mr Lehuede explains the weakness in measurement, control and reporting, which was the reason for contracting Integration. He states that Integration correctly identified the need and provided a clear method for resolving the problems, and that the evidence of the success of the project is that this is now a fundamental input for everything.

Andrés Lehuedé, President | Woodtech

In this video, Mr Acedo describes the way in which Integration approached the challenge of expanding into other countries within Latin America. He believes the success came from the analysis of each country within Latin America, by really working together with the internal team, with the understanding of TricorBraun’s business model, and with investing a lot of time and walking together to achieve the objective.

Carlos Acedo, CEO – Latin America | Tricorbraun

In this video, Mr Sanches highlights that Integration’s work in the revision of the entire administrative and financial structure was essential for the company to be able to face an extremely troubled economic context. The implementation of the Shared Business Services, through strong work in project management and commitment to the delivery, generated a partner relationship between the companies.

Francisco Sanches, Financial Director | Saint Gobain

In this video, Mr Tarquinio highlights Integration’s essential role when Tupy were facing a complex scenario, after two acquisitions carried out by the company. For Mr Tarquinio, Integration’s main differential was the concern with the tangibility of the recommendation and the provision of guidance for the implementation.

Luiz Tarquínio, President | Tupy

In this video, Mr Osmo highlights in this video the very hands on characteristic that is always present in the projects he developed with Integration, most of them involving change and transformation. He mentioned also the technical quality of the professionals, which are not guided only by presentations, but by the involvement with the day to day of the projects.

Rodrigo Osmo, Executive Director | Tenda

In this video, Mr Ludorf shares the main challenges that were related to understanding the markets Petronas wanted to enter in Latin America, and the prioritisation of these markets. Integration developed an entry strategy, and he recommends Integration because of the understanding of what Petronas wanted, and not only have strong methodology, tools and structuring, but people that really make a difference.

Rogerio Ludorf, Director of Business Development | Petronas