Building the perfect store

Translating your business strategy into consumer-driven store execution, to maximize brand experience and sales performance.

What challenge(s) do our clients face?

Consumers, retailers, omnichannel, brand positioning, assortment, merchandising – there’s a lot to consider when designing the path towards your brand experience in the marketplace.

In today’s landscape, with consumers being more demanding than ever, a strong and differentiated brand experience is not only desirable, but critical to protect and grow market share. It is not uncommon for organizations to set aside multi-millions of dollars to improve their Point-Of-Sale (POS) experience, however beyond investment, there are a multitude of challenges that we have seen our clients face across industries and geographies:

  • Ensuring Connection Between Activation Levers: Designing complementary actions aligned with the organization’s strategy, priorities, and timeline, to drive a clear brand identity and experience at the point of execution
  • Considering the Reality in Each Channel: Understanding how consumer needs differ across channels, and employing a segmented approach with each activation lever, rather than “one size fits all”
  • Guaranteeing the Strategy is Implementable: Keeping the execution approach simple and pragmatic, to ensure the intended actions translate clearly to the Sales Teams’ execution for maximum impact
  • Aligning the Organizational Structure and Governance: Reflecting the chosen strategy in the organization of the trade structure, and putting in place a robust governance to monitor execution, feedback results, and maintain a connection between levers
  • Staying Close to the Reality of the Retailer: Taking into account, while designing the strategy, that in any industry retailers can have very different realities, and even within a retailer, stores can have very different characteristics

How do we help?

We work with teams across your organization to design a tailor-made strategy, connecting all activation levers, differentiating approaches by segment, and guaranteeing the feasibility of implementation

Using your team’s knowledge, our experience, and research in the field, we support clients to:

  • Segment sales channels and stores based on consumer personas
  • Define strategic objectives per segment, connected to the commercial strategy
  • Define optimal portfolio per segment, based on analysis of portfolio performance
  • Organize the pricing model and price positioning per segment
  • Define investment per store and store coverage, based on analysis of each action’s impact on each consumer persona
  • Simulate sales and cost impacts of any adjustments to strategy or execution
  • Identify internal enablers for implementation and continuously capturing  shopper insights and sales intelligence
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What are the benefits?

The Perfect Store generates benefits for your organization, retailers and consumers:

  • Strategy aligned with reality: ensuring the organization’s strategy makes sense with each retail segment in the current industry environment, and captures potential growth opportunities
  • Effective translation to execution: build buy-in from different functional areas across the organization, and monitor execution and results through a clear, robust governance
  • Increase sales and service for retailers: strengthen relationships with retail partners, through the delivery of a best-in-class consumer experience that meets their specific needs and drives volume growth
  • Increase revenue: capture higher sales through a targeted SKU priority list per retail segment and category, with better customer conversion
  • Optimize trade investments: target investments to increase ROI and eliminate ineffective actions
  • Effective supporting structure: organize the internal structure to enable implementation, better monitoring and the capability to adjust based on field feedback
  • Develop future capability: document guidelines of the most effective activation levers and trade investments in each retail segment to support continuous improvement
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How does it work?

Everything starts with consumer understanding, and ends with a full organizational alignment

Developing the perfect store is not just about defining the right assortment, trade marketing approach, or pricing strategy. To truly deliver on brand experience, your vision must be reflected throughout the whole organization – from designing a strategy that is connected to the goals of the business, the reality of your retail partners and the needs of your customers; to effectively coordinating actions across multiple levers; and guaranteeing execution standards are met in the field. Team buy-in and cooperation are just as critical to success as setting the right price, and organizations targeting a perfect store implementation must be ready to take a holistic view when considering market challenges.

Every project and client brings a specific context, which must be understood and addressed when defining value-capture opportunities. Integration does not believe in a “copy and paste” approach – we work closely with all areas of your business to get to the root causes of pain points, leverage your knowledge of the field and bring relevant best practices to build a bespoke solution, preparing your teams to implement and manage in the long term.

Our approach is broken down into four phases:

ACTIVITIES Understanding of consumer personas, definition of stores segmentation and strategic objectives per segment. 1. Internal and external data analysis2. Consumer understanding3. Segmentation Definition4. Value proposition and objective per segment CONSUMER &SEGMENTATION Definition of what products go to each segment, according to the objectives defined and assortment performance. 1. Understanding current portfolio (quali & quanti)2. Assortment categorization3. Assortment proposition per segment4. SKU selection based on performance by segment PORTFOLIO BY SEGMENT 1. Activation Levers Menu2. Differentiation by persona and segment of sotres3. Budget drivers (package by store and coverage by segment)4. Merchandising model5. Trade-marketing structure and internal enablers Definition of the activation levers and investment prioritization per segment. ACTIVATION & EXECUTION Deployment of sell-out price positioning by segment, definition of channel discounts and governance to control price & promotions. 1. Price positioning understanding (input)2. Definition of sell-out price index by segment3. Definition of sales channel discounts4. Governance and driver of processes to control pricing and promotions PRICING ANDPROMOTION

Intrinsic to our way of working is building collaboratively. We will never know your business as well as you do, nor do we pretend to – from our experience, the best solution relies on a combination of your knowledge and our technical expertise, supported by buy-in across the organization. Throughout the project we use internal interviews, stage-gate decision-making workshops, multi-functional design workshops and day-to-day engagement with your team to make sure every area of the business has their needs recognized and answered by the project, and each professional is ready to implement from day 1.



Our client, an international home appliance business, was struggling to differentiate their value proposition and activation levers for each of their two major brands. Previously they had employed a “one-size-fits-all” approach across customers, and seen different results across brands and categories which did not meet set objectives.

The client reached out to Integration to support the development of a tailor-made perfect store strategy, with the aim of delivering best-in-class in-store execution and driving sales and brand value growth.


Working alongside the client, Integration carried out a comprehensive analysis of the retail environment, evaluating the brands´ fit for each retail segment, and defining clear objectives per brand connected to the relevant strategy.

For each segment, we determined the optimal portfolio mix based on sales performance and value proposition, and prioritized activation levers to meet customer needs.

To ensure the strategy and activation plan was successfully rolled out, we prepared an implementation plan with key activities, dates and roles and responsibilities for the internal team, and launched a project governance to provide leadership with the necessary visibility of project progress.


The new strategy revitalized each brand´s positioning, strengthening their market presence and qualifying their team to choose the best SKU mix and trade marketing levers per retail segment. Through the implementation, the client achieved +14% revenue sales and +20% gross margin.


A leading footwear business had perfected their distribution model to meet targets in food retail, but was struggling to perform in specialized footwear retail. The client requested Integration’s support to redesign their complete go-to-market strategy to achieve comparable results (numeric distribution and market share) across both retail types, and to define and implement the perfect store to simultaneously drive sales.


We redefined the market segmentation used by the business, and designed a clear value proposition and objectives per segment to drive growth in weaker areas without damaging the food retail position. It was clear from the analysis of segment characteristics that there were specific needs in footwear retail that had gone unaddressed – so per channel, we revised the portfolio mix and activation levers, supporting the trade marketing team to allocate trade budget effectively according to segment goals.


The redesigned strategy provided clear guidelines for serving each market segment, and an action plan to transition from the current operation. The project allowed the company to specialize their operation, capturing an additional 9p.p. of market share in specialized footwear retail, while maintaining their strength in retail.


Integration has had the pleasure of working with many national and international organizations across sectors, with a particular emphasis on consumer goods. We have delivered projects at different scales for different challenges, from redesigning the entire approach to value proposition activation, to targeted reversals of specific issues. Our international experience equips us with a wealth of benchmarks and insights from around the world, enabling us to be creative in the solutions we bring.


André Valente

André Valente is a senior director at Integration and a leader within the Marketing & Sales Practice. With nearly two decades of experience supporting clients across diverse sectors and geographies, André is a specialist in the topics of innovation management, digital and data solutions, go-to-market models, market-entry strategies and global marketing approaches.

Andrea Aun

Andrea Aun is a founding partner at Integration and is recognized as an important female leader among Brazilian executives, participating in the LIDEM (Group of Leading Entrepreneurial Women) Executive Committee. She is an expert within the field of Marketing & Sales and Retail and has led over 100 projects in these areas. She continues to [...]

Guido Solari

Guido Solari is a partner at Integration and the head of our LATAM offices. Guido joined the company in 2006 and is part of the Marketing & Sales Practice. He has carried out over 250 projects across Latin America, North America and Europe, serving clients in the areas of mass consumer goods, agribusiness, pharmaceuticals, media [...]

Vinicius Olivo

Vinicius Olivo is a director and brings a broad and deep understanding of our Marketing & Sales solutions since having joined Integration in 2011. He supported leading national and international organizations in Retail and Consumer Goods in building sustainable competitive advantage. His project experience ranges from Go-to-Market models, Market Scans, Customer Segmentation, Category Management and [...]

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