What challenge(s) do our clients face?

The banking sector is undergoing a major change in its business model – moving away from all-encompassing physical agencies to specialized, and often digital providers

Across the world, the banking industry is transforming. Variations between markets are driven by the role and power of regulatory bodies, and access to technology and information; however it is hard to deny that we are moving away from traditional banking offerings and consumer interaction models.

Historically, the focus of the sector was on providing assistance to consumers through physical agencies, and guaranteeing revenue through spread and operational fees. Over recent years we have seen the emergence and maturing of much more specialized agencies, working in niche spaces, and reinventing the consumer dynamic – with an increasing number of players operating purely through digital channels.

Digital transformation and Fintechs are key drivers behind the change. Financial sector start-ups have hugely accelerated innovation in the industry, pressurizing the big banks to change their strategies, and promoting major transformations in traditional products and business models.

The new experiences offered by Fintechs, with customized services and niche apps have altered the way that we relate to our banking providers. Digital customers are not loyal to one-stop-shop models, and are increasingly looking for specific solutions for each of their financial needs (loans, investments, transfers, foreign exchange, insurance…), preferring to  manage multiple digital relationships that can better provide the required service.

More demanding customers want to go even further, with personalized services. The next step for banks is to collect and take advantage of information they can access about each customer, and adapt the business model and service in a systematic way.

This shift in the competitive landscape has introduced a number of challenges for banks:

  • Adapting their organizational culture, processes, technological infrastructure and customer experience to be able to play in the digital world
  • Attracting new customers and offering new services
  • Interacting with customers and building rapport
  • Positioning in an increasingly niche market
  • Balancing the reduction in operational fees, and improved efficiency in process and organizational structure, with the lower interest rate and investment in technological disruption, to guarantee return to shareholders.

How do we help?

We tailor all of our projects to meet the exact needs of the client, complementing technical recommendations with an understanding of how to drive and sustain change

Integration has carried out several projects in different financial institutions across, largely focused on the review of Strategic Planning, Go-to-Market, Market Scan, Operational and Financial Efficiency, Governance, Process Redesign, and Organizational Structure.

Beyond providing the challenge and adjustments required to adapt banks to this new environment, our role is to guarantee the alignment and agility across your organization that allows the entire institution to change. It’s not just creating a new product, or business area, success relies on guaranteeing that strategy, leadership, organizational structure, processes and systems are talking the same language, enabling each other to meet the organization’s objectives.

Our pragmatic approach ensures that projects end with a clear roadmap of actions, understood and agreed across the business, to take the organization to the next level.

All of our projects are tailored to your needs, environment, and characteristics, however within this sector we most often see demand for:

  • Helping traditional small and middle-market banks to align their organizational structure and strategy to better capture opportunities from lower interest rates, and the digital world
  • Creating niche products, to foster consumer credit sale operations through partnerships with retail
  • Redefining marketing positioning
  • Designing a new governance model to simplify and optimize the decision-making process
  • Reviewing the costing of financial products to ensure correct pricing and profitability monitoring
  • Broader digital transformations – including launching new digital services, leveraging technology to increase efficiency or building digital capability
  • Understanding consumers, their journeys and how to optimize the service delivery model to attend them
  • Real estate management



In this video, Fernando Telles, who at the time of recording was the Director at Itau, talks about his positive experience working with Integration.

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Our client, one of the biggest and most traditional middle-market banks in Brazil, questioned the suitability of their strategy following changes in Brazil’s banking regulation, the rise of digital competitors, and the reduction of Brazil’s benchmark interest rate. Integration was asked to support in a full review of the organization’s strategy, and a redesign of the governance model, to optimize the decision-making process.


After conducting the strategic review, Integration supported the client by assessing the current governance, interviewing over 20 employees, and leveraging 14 benchmarks to identify pain points and needs. From here, we were able to design an entirely tailored governance model to drive simplicity, visibility, and optimized decision making, suited to the bank’s reality, and meeting the needs of its professionals.


Much improved efficiency internally through a leaner, more targeted governance model, in which every activity and meeting instance had:

With the adjustments in governance, the board of directors was able to dedicate more time to strategic discussions, giving more autonomy to the team on certain topics, but with clearer approval levels, facilitating day-to-day decision making.


Our client, one of the largest banks in Brazil, was facing consistently unsatisfactory financial results. To aid the turnaround, the organization opted to redesign the consumer credit sale operation through partnerships with retail.


We began with a full diagnosis of the consumer credit sale area, and the retailers who were currently operating as partners. It became clear that the bank lacked clarity on the reasons behind the fall in results and the rationale for continuing the credit sale operation. Integration proposed a new model, leveraging retailer segmentation and differing service packages, which created a business that was scalable and profitable, but characterized by low managerial complexity.


The project’s main qualitative gain was the proof of potential and feasibility of exploring credit sale to the consumer through retail, which came from the deep knowledge Integration has from the retail industry. Reversing the initial panorama, generated a platform of revenues for the bank’s other businesses.


Our client, a banking business unit of one of the largest car and truck manufacturers in the world, lacked confidence in the pricing and profitability monitoring of its financial products – driven by insufficient correct costing criteria for each product. The project aimed to redefine the matrix for costing per product to correctly reflect the reality of the company: allocating costs according to products used by different areas, and clarifying the profitability of each product.


We performed a full diagnosis of the bank’s financing pricing model, considering both the internal views and the market reality, as well as international benchmarks. After defining all the adjustments needed, we redefined the operating cost rate matrix, involving more than 60 people in 23 areas, for 18 products and 4 business units.


We designed a governance model to run the new Costing Matrix developed, guaranteeing that the recommendation was implemented and understood by the wider team. As a result of the new way of working, the time required to plan the budget throughout the year was reduced, and profitability increased due to correct cost allocation.


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