Insights from the Business & Investment Forum in Argentina


Insights from the Business & Investment Forum in Argentina

Economic and development expectations in the Argentinean market

In September, the Argentina Business & Investment Forum took place in Buenos Aires – an initiative led by the Federal Government, to showcase Argentina as a significant emerging economy with important opportunities that can benefit investors, business and citizens.

It was a massive event, with over 4.100 participants from 68 countries, more than 1.000 CEOs, 201 speakers, 1.688 companies attending the forum plus billions of dollars in commitments. Integration was represented by Leonardo Zylberman and Guido Solari, respectively Partner and Director of our Southern Cone operation.

“I have been to dozen of similar events throughout my professional life and I can say without error, that this Forum was massive, high profile and totally overcame my expectations. Argentinians can be very proud”, says Leonardo Zylberman.

The 3 main aspects that caught Mr. Zylberman´s attention were:

  • The quality of the event: From the choice of the venue (CCK) to the sessions program, from the selection of the speakers to the high-level production of the videos and marketing materials, from the pre to post event emails sent by the organizers, everything worked out perfectly and left an impression of respect, quality and attention to details.
  • The attendance: Level of the public. Mostly decision-makers from local, regional and international corporations, including President Macri, all of his cabinet and several Governors from different Provinces”.
  • The clear message and level of alignment between private and public sector: Sessions and roundtables were made up by people from the different levels of government, politicians, the private sector, media and exponents from the civil society etc. All of them aligned in a compelling message: That Argentina wants to look ahead, to the future, rather than the past. It Is open for business, once again inserted into the world economy and ready to take advantage of is competitive differentials (quality resources and raw materials, superior energy potential and enormous talent of people).

Expectations are high regarding Argentina. After several years in the shadows, the country is once again in the radar of the investors community. If, in one hand, for sure, there are lots of potential across the economy, especially in sectors like Agribusiness, Renewable Energy, Oil & Gas, Mining, Infra-Structure, Financial Services and Healthcare, in the other hand, there is a lot of skepticism if the path towards an open and dynamic economy, truly integrated with the rest of the world, is there to stay or not.

Integration Consulting has operated continuously in Argentina for the last 10 years, helping companies across different sectors to succeed in a tough market environment. Now, that expectations are high again, we believe to be in an excellent position to assist companies and/or investors searching for business opportunities. If this is your case, get in touch with our Local Office or contact us.

  • On 10 November 2016