Business Lunch – M&A Market and experiences in Brazil


Business Lunch – M&A Market and experiences in Brazil

An exchange between executives of private and public sectors.

Integration Management Consulting, together with LIDE Deutschland, the largest and most influential network between Brazilian and German companies, as well as Wirecard, a technology and financial services company, hosted the event “M&A Market and experiences in Brazil” on April 24th at Käferschänke in Munich.

The encounter was a Business Forum between executives to share experiences in the M&A market and exchange their experiences and challenges based on real cases in Brazil.
Integration Consulting, Wirecard and the Brazilian Embassy sponsored the event and talked about the macroeconomic situation in Brazil, shared knowledge, experience and insights about the M&A market as food for thoughts. This lead to an open discussion based on a real case.

The event took place deliberately in the small circle instead of with renowned companies as well as representatives of the Bavarian State Ministry of Economics and Media, Energy and Technology.

Fabiana Oscari-Bergs, CEO of LIDE Germany, opened the Business Lunch and presented the event as an occasion to exchange experience in the M & A market and challenges on the basis of real life examples in Brazil.

Ribeiro Moura, Consul General of the Brazilian Consul General, spoke about the current economic situation in Brazil as well as future perspectives and German-Brazilian economic and trade relations.

“Germany is the fourth most important trading partner in Brazil (after China, the USA and Argentina) and the most important partner within the EU. In 2016, Brazilian exports to Germany amounted to 4.86 billion US dollars and imports of 9.13 billion US dollars, the Consul explained.
In his presentation on “M&A: Challenges and Opportunities in Brazil”, Rodrigo Seabra, Managing Director of Integration Management Consulting in Germany, presented opportunities to invest in the Brazilian market, insights into the general market situation and gave an outlook by sector specific trends. “At present, Latin America represents only 3% of the global M&A market, but is the only region with a growth rate until 2020 – driven by Brazil,” said Rodrigo Seabra.

The insights on the macroeconomic situation in Brazil and the general overview of the M&A market, its challenges and opportunities were illustrated with concrete case studies. The case studies were presented by Dr. Christian Hirmer (President LIDE Germany and owner of the Hirmer Group) and Sandra Meermann-Hying (Member of the Board of Wirecard Brazil / Executive Vice President Sales Operation). Dr. Christian Hirmer spoke in particular about his experience in the Brazilian market with regard to direct investment.

According to Wirecard, e-commerce sales in 2016 in Brazil reached 21.34 billion US dollars. By 2018, the volume is expected to be $ 26.17 billion. Sandra Meermann-Hying stressed, “This strong growth trend is the main reason for expanding our business in Brazil in the coming years.”

Today more than 1,400 German companies are active in Brazil, which together generate about ten percent of industrial value added. For Germany, Brazil, with its internal market of 210 million inhabitants, is the primary destination for investment in Latin America. With its 800 German companies, São Paulo is the largest industrial location outside Germany.

The exchange of experiences and the findings of the participants in the event encourages companies to take more chances in the future.

Integration Consulting has supported in Mergers & Acquisitions as well as Post-Merger-Integrations in Brazil and world-wide in more than 50 cases and has accumulated a track record with projects in all industries, including with Private Equity companies. We are able to bridge projects between continents through our local offices and presence in Europe, South- and North America.

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  • On 12 May 2017