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    Integration supports its clients through all the challenges related to supply chain, from launching strategic discussions about how the Supply Chain can support the company’s objectives, to reviewing and optimising supply chain fundamentals and processes.

About the Supply Chain practice

The success of our work in the Supply Chain area stems mainly from these attributes:

Ability to understand and design the strategic role of the supply chain so that it is linked to the business strategy and supports the delivery of goals through achieving competitive costs.

Strong technical and analytical skills for redesigning processes and setting parameters with the precision a Supply Chain requires.

Ability to involve and integrate people, not only from the Supply Chain area but also from other key areas in the organisation, in order to implement the concepts in a sustainable manner.

Our experience

Our Supply Chain team has delivered more than 400 projects across the Americas and Europe, for clients in approximately 20 industries. This broad experience allows our Supply Chain professionals to have a great understanding of the key principles for an effective supply chain and to identify cross-industry benchmarks and best practices that will leverage our recommendations.

In order to support our clients in resolving their issues, we offer proven methodologies combined with extensive Supply Chain expertise.

  • Alejandro Martinez

    Alejandro Martinez

    Managing Partner - Mexico

    Selected expertise:
    Design and Transformation in Supply, Manufacturing and Logistics, Business Strategy in the Transport, Consumer and Retail sectors.

  • Alessandra Reganati

    Alessandra Reganati

    Manager – Brazil

    Selected expertise:
    Supply Chain Planning and Order-to-Cash.

  • Alex Osoegawa

    Alex Osoegawa

    Specialist – Brazil

    Selected expertise:
    Sourcing, Customer Service and Healthcare Industry.

  • Ezequiel Paez

    Ezequiel Paez

    Manager – Chile

    Selected expertise:
    Logistics and Transportation, Manufacturing, Inventory Policies and Warehousing

  • Gerard Schoor

    Gerard Schoor

    Managing Partner – Mexico

    Selected expertise:
    Supply Chain Strategy, Supply Chain Planning and Manufacturing.

  • Gilberto Sarian

    Gilberto Sarian

    Managing Partner – Brazil

    Selected expertise:
    Supply Chain Strategy, Footprint Optimisation, Strategic Sourcing and Customer Services.

  • Guilherme Manzini

    Guilherme Manzini

    Manager – Brazil

    Selected expertise:
    Supply Planning, Inventory Policies, Manufacturing and Warehousing

  • Henrique Medeiros

    Henrique Medeiros

    Manager - Brazil

    Selected expertise:
    Sales & Operations Planning, Supply Chain Planning, Inventory Management and Retail.

  • João Barros

    João Barros

    Partner – Brazil

    Selected expertise:
    Supply Chain Planning, Manufacturing, Inventory Policies and Customer Services.

  • João Vilela

    João Vilela

    Manager – Brazil

    Selected expertise:
    Transportation, Customer Service and Footprint Optimisation.

  • Julian Lempp

    Julian Lempp

    Manager - Germany

    Selected expertise:
    Supply Chain Organization and Processes, Supply Chain Steering and Controlling, and Sourcing

  • Luis Carlos Vidal

    Luis Carlos Vidal

    Managing Partner – Brazil

    Selected expertise:
    Footprint Optimisation, Logistics and Transportation and Reverse Logistics.

  •  Rafael Pinto

    Rafael Pinto

    Specialist – Brazil

    Selected expertise:
    Inventory Policies Supply Chain Planning, Physical Operation and 3PL Industry.

  •  Ricardo de la Cueva

    Ricardo de la Cueva

    Specialist – Mexico

    Selected expertise:
    Strategic Sourcing, Customer Services and Logistics and Transportation.

  • Stephen Fournier

    Stephen Fournier

    Manager - United States

    Selected expertise:
    Supply Chain Strategy, Cost Management, Strategic Sourcing and Manufacturing.

  • Thomaz Fittipaldi

    Thomaz Fittipaldi


    Selected expertise:
    Footprint Optimisation, Supply Chain Planning and Transportation.

In order to support our clients in resolving their issues, we offer proven methodologies combined with deep supply chain expertise.


Our solutions span five pillars, so that it is clear for our clients to be able to specify their needs: Supply Chain Strategy, Customer Satisfaction & Competitiveness, Planning & Supply Chain Integration, Sourcing Transformation and Operational Efficiency (in Manufacturing, Transportation and Warehousing).

In each one of them we can work in several delivery models, from Learning Journeys & Benchmarks to Business Interventions, including Fast Assessments, Diagnosis and Design and Transformation Journeys (implementation of the design).

Supply Chain Strategy

1. Supply Chain Roadmap
2. Revision of the Logistic Network
3. Transport Strategy
4. Organisational Model and Supply Chain Structure
5. Dynamic Simulation Models


• Reduction of logistic and tributary costs from 5% to 20%
• Make the increase in the Service Level feasible

Customer Satisfaction and Competitiveness

1. Client segmentation and service level1. Client segmentation and service level
2. Service Level Scan
3. Cost to Serve analyses
4. Customer Service – P&R and processes
5. O2C redesign
6. Organizational structure


• Increase in the Service Level (OTIF)
• Optimization of operational costs (transport, structure and waste)

Planning and Supply Chain Integration

1. S&OP – design and implementation1. S&OP – design and implementation
2. Demand Planning
3. DRP and Capacity Analysis
4. Inventory optimization strategy
5. Supply model and processes
6. Launch of the product and Life Cycle management


• Stock reduction (MP and PA)
• Reduction of stock-out
• Increase in the Service Level

Sourcing Transformation

1. Roles and responsibilities in Procurement1. Roles and responsibilities in Procurement
2. Strategic Sourcing
3. P2P -  design and implementation
4. Supplier Management Strategy
5. Model design and procurement structure


• Reductions in the acquisition cost from 8 to 30%
• Increase in the Supplier Service Level
• Greater control and Compliance in the purchasing process

Operational Efficiency - in Manufacturing, Transportation and Warehousing

1. Transport Strategy1. Transport Strategy
2. Outsourcing strategy (make or buy)
3. LPS remuneration model
4. Management model
5. Fleet Profile
6. Operations central and freight hiring


• Reduction of freight costs from 7 to 30%
• Optimisation of necessary CAPEX
• Reduction of environmental impacts