We are celebrating 25 years!


We are celebrating 25 years!

You are a part of our history

In June 2020 we celebrated our 25 years of experience in the consulting market.

Since our foundation in 1995 we have worked on more than 2,795 projects, we serve more than 795 clients, we have 8 offices, operating in Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, UK and USA, we delivered projects in 81 countries, with 1,236 professionals working during these 25 years. Today, our team is made up of 20 different nationalities.

25 years of lessons learned, achievements, mistakes, development, honors and conquests.

25 years trying to guide ourselves by our 7 Ethical Principles: respect, cooperation, dignity, simplicity, justice, honesty and truth in all our relationships.

25 years reinforcing the vocation of supporting companies to achieve their goals, helping them to design and implement their projects.

We prepared a video to thank everyone who was part of our history:

  • On 12 July 2020