Alice Maschera

Alice Maschera is a global director of strategy, intelligence & innovation in Integration’s UK office, and has been working in the company since 2013. She has developed projects around the world, with a particular focus on supporting FMCG companies in their commercial strategy. Specifically, she has significant experience in strategic roadmaps and entry strategies, with a particular focus on going to market, primarily in food, drinks, health and beauty, as well as other industries such as retail. Alice has experience in a wide range of players, from established market leaders to up-and-coming disruptors, as well as both branded and commodity environments. Alice has developed projects at a local, regional and global level, working with client teams of all seniorities both in the design and implementation phases. Additionally, Alice also has experience in business planning, organizational structure, distribution management and sales team management. Alice Maschera holds a BA (Hons) in Land Economy focusing on Economics and Law from the University of Cambridge in the UK.

  • On 14 April 2022