Simplifying the business environment


Simplifying the business environment

The Simplification Map is a guide from Endeavor Brasil to reduce the burden of bureaucracy in Brazil’s business environment.

Endeavor Brasil, a global non-for-profit organization that has operated in Brazil since the 2000s with the mission of multiplying the transformative power of entrepreneurs and promoting a business environment that can stimulate the growth of entrepreneurship, launched its Simplification Map on August 1 in Brasilia. The purpose of this map is to offer guidelines for reducing the bureaucratic burden of doing business in Brazil by making the rules involved more transparent and effective for anyone seeing to open and run a business.

As a long-time partner of Endeavor, Integration worked with the organization to develop and implement two projects aimed at simplifying the business environment in Brazil’s main cities. The first, titled Simplificar, was executed at the municipal government of Porto Alegre in 2015. The project generated excellent results: The process for opening a business in the state used to take up to 245 days and, by the end of the project, this number fell to 18 days for low-risk companies.

In the wake of the Simplificar project, Integration was invited to carry out a similar initiative for the municipal government of São Paulo in 2017. This led to the program titled Programa Empreenda Fácil (Easy Business Program). Just as in Porto Alegre, this project was a success and reduced the time needed to open a business from 101 to as little as 7 days.

The Simplification Map lays out the steps needed for the overhaul of the process for opening a business, in line with best practices from around the country and the globe, with the objective to bringing more simplicity to Brazil’s business environment. The map was developed and refined with the help of over 40 specialists who brought in their experience related to reducing bureaucratic processes. They presented lessons learned and strategies from successful cases applied in places such as Canada, Australia, Belo Horizonte, Fortaleza, Porto Alegre, São Paulo, Uberlândia and more. The guide can be requested from Enedeavor Brasil free of charge to help future entrepreneurs, students and researchers from this area.

Apart from creating the guide, Endeavor Brasil also launched a partnership with Brazil’s national public administration school, ENAP (Escola Nacional de Administração Pública) to organize a distance learning course about reducing the bureaucracy involved in opening businesses and to release new editions of the Entrepreneurial Cities Index (Índice de Cidades Empreendedoras).

You can find the complete Simplification Map for download on the site of Endeavor Brasil (in Portuguese).


  • On 5 August 2019