Integration Supports Launch of ‘Grupo Mulheres do Brasil’ in London


Integration Supports Launch of ‘Grupo Mulheres do Brasil’ in London

October was a symbolic moment for Grupo Mulheres do Brasil (Women’s Group of Brazil) in the UK, where the organization officially launched their London chapter. Grupo Mulheres do Brasil was founded in São Paulo, Brazil in 2013 by executive Luiza Helena Trajano and 40 other top women professionals, with the objective of improving gender equality and the representation of women among executives. Following its success in the country, Grupo Mulheres do Brasil today includes more than 26,000 women volunteers in 12 countries.

Luiza is one of Brazil’s most well-known executives due to her founding and successful tenure at the helm of Magazine Luiza, a leading retailer in the country.

To mark the UK launch of Grupo Mulheres do Brasil, Luiza and several other founders traveled to London to host a series of events. The goal of the UK chapter is to support Brazilian immigrant women in developing their careers, which includes promoting entrepreneurship, culture and individual well-being, as well as fighting violence against women.

Integration is proud to count several female executives as members of Grupo Mulheres do Brasil, including UK Partner Paula Mercandante, who leads Integration’s London office and has been part of the Implementation practice since 2003.

“To participate in Grupo Mulheres do Brasil, in London makes me happy and proud, as a woman and as a Brazilian citizen. The group is working on extremely relevant themes for the local Brazilian community, and actively engaging entrepreneurs and Brazil’s diplomatic representation, in Brazil as well as in London. Congratulations to the leaders of Grupo Mulheres do Brasil for their active contribution to our society and community.” Paula said of joining the UK chapter.

In addition to Paula, founding partner Andrea Aun of Integration’s Marketing & Sales practice and partner Renata Moura, who is responsible for the Leadership & Organization practice, are members as well. Andrea—who also attended the UK launch—and Renata are both based in Brazil.

  • On 18 November 2019