Integration Listed as a Leading Management Consultancy in the UK


Integration Listed as a Leading Management Consultancy in the UK

In a special report UK’s Leading Management Consultants 2019 published on January 30 by the British newspaper, the Financial Times, Integration has been listed as one of the most recommended management consultancy companies in the United Kingdom.

The British market is made up of more than 180,000 management consultancies. * The Financial Times’ survey was completed in partnership with research by Statista, which included 4,900 companies in a survey of 1,000 consulting professionals and clients. This yielded a list of 198 companies, divided into 29 categories and services.

Behind the numbers: The UK's Leading Management Consultants election. Circular area graph. The bigger and external circle is displayed as "More than 180,000" consultants in the UK. The second bigger one is displaye as "4,900 considered in the survey conducted by Statista". The third one is displayed as "More than 1,000 clientes responded. The smaller cicle (in the center), has the subtitle "198 included in the FT special report".

Integration was acknowledged in the categories of Sales & Customer Relationship Management, and Finance, Risk & Compliance, both with a bronze classification.

This acknowledgment means a lot to Integration, especially to our UK office, which has been operating in the region since 2010 and serves clients across Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania.

*Data extracted from Management Consultants (UK) – Industry Research Reports | IBISWorld (January 2019)

  • On 26 February 2019