Forbes Argentina: Key Insights for D-GTM


Forbes Argentina: Key insights for Digital GTM

by Guido Solari

About the article

Integration was featured in an article by Forbes Argentina on the topic of digital go-to-market. In the piece, Integration partner Guido Solari shares key insights and first-hand experience about adopting a right-fit digital go-to-market strategy for promoting the business as well as effectively staying on top of ever-shifting consumer needs and behavior.

Solari highlights the imperative that businesses today face in responding to technology disruptions that are transforming existing ways that customers interact with businesses, products and services. Adopting a carefully planned and executed digital go-to-market strategy can allow companies to pursue a more efficient and profitable sales model – one that’s ultimately more aligned with the needs of clients and consumers today.

One of the biggest challenges companies face in digitalizing their go-to-market model, according to Solari, lies in understanding which of the many digital and hybrid models are the right choice for their specific business strategy and reality. While he notes that there are no right or wrong models – only those that are more or less suited to the business – making the wrong choices at the start can prove costly in the long run.

The full article can be found on the Forbes Argentina site here.

  • On 27 September 2023