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    Through understanding the value generation of a company we help our clients to make strategic decisions, in seeking financial and operational efficiency and in improving the governance and organisation.

On the Finance & Management practice

We incorporated four essential attributes in our approach:

Integrated business perspective: understand and challenge business models and guarantee the alignment of the corporate strategy, as well as its ramifications into projects and initiatives, in the organisational model and company processes.

Knowledge of finance and management models: incorporate the in-depth experience in finance and management models, from the ramification of the strategy to the company processes, to guarantee efficient and transformational solutions, aligned to the business strategy.

In-depth knowledge in financial services: detailed understanding of financial processes and its impacts in the management and in the day to day of a company, to guarantee control and visibility for strategic decision-making.

Track record in several sectors: use the experiences of a same methodology in different sectors to think and propose interdisciplinary and transformational solutions, generating impact in the business of our clients.

Our Experience

Our Finance & Management team has delivered over 200 projects regionally and locally, in several countries in the American and European continents. Our experience includes a wide variety of industries, such as consumer goods, beverages, pharmaceutical industry, media, civil construction and infrastructure, retail, education, agribusiness, chemical industry, financial services, private capital sector and NGOs.

  • Carolina Flores

    Carolina Flores

    Manager – Brazil

    Selected expertise:
    Strategic Coherence, Organisational Model, Process Redesign, Post-Merger Integration and M&A.

  • Hugo Ribeiro

    Hugo Ribeiro

    Managing Partner – Brazil

    Selected expertise:
    Organisational Model, Revenue Management and Cost Management.

  • Jorge Gomes

    Jorge Gomes

    Manager – Brazil

    Selected expertise:
    Business Plan, Strategic Coherence, Cost-to-Serve, M&A and Financial Modeling.

  • Leonardo Zylberman

    Leonardo Zylberman

    Managing Partner – Argentina/Chile

    Selected expertise:
    Strategic Coherence and M&A.

  • Lucas Tavolaro

    Lucas Tavolaro

    Manager – Brazil

    Selected expertise:
    Strategic Coherence, M&A and Cost Management

  • Matt Suggett

    Matt Suggett

    Manager – United States

    Selected expertise:
    M&A, Post-Merger Integration, International Growth & Entry Strategy.

  • Quentin Girard

    Quentin Girard

    Manager – Brazil

    Selected expertise:
    Cost Management, GTM and Indirect Channel Management.

  • Sophie Herrmann

    Sophie Herrmann

    Director – Germany

    Selected expertise:
    Organizational Structure, Strategic Coherence, International Growth and Entry Strategy.

To help our clients find the solution to their problems, we offer proven methods, combined with in-depth knowledge in the Finance & Management area.


We have a broad range of methodologies to help our clients on themes such as strategy, processes and management and organization.

The methodologies we use in the Finance practice are organised in the pyramid below.


Strategic Coherence
A great difficulty that company’s encounter is not defining a strategy itself, but unfolding it into projects and obtaining the results expected throughout time. Strategic coherence transforms what is only a vision into concrete steps, with targets, clear timeframes and people responsiblity, in an integrated and coherent manner, so that the entire organisation is able to follow the same path and is aware of its choices, investments and results.

Inside an M&A cycle we work with total exemption in the evaluation of potential targets, in the evaluation of synergies and in the planning and execution of the integration. We are exempt because we do not participate in the negotiation and we are not paid by transaction. Throughout the entire cycle, we work in association with Private Equities, M&A Boutiques and Banks.

Sizing / Volumetry
One of the main challenges of the company is related to the price control and commercial policy of its products. Complexities such as the strength of the brand in different regions, Market Share of the products, distribution channels, among others, should be considered for the definition of the price strategy.

We help companies in this challenge, defining and implementing commercial policies, pricing strategies and control processes in price monitoring,

Cost Management
Understanding how much it costs to serve each client, what the product margin is and carrying out cost reduction and G&A analyses may seem like something all consultancies do. However, Integration carries out cost management projects in a non-disruptive manner, always integrated and aligned with the different areas, enabling its implementation so that the results are long-lasting. We use knowledge from different industries and we use consultants specialized by processes to deliver coherent solutions, with real and implementable benefits.

Financial Modeling
Nowadays, given the speed of the changes, any planning quickly becomes out of date. Moreover, the great complexity of the businesses makes it difficult to understand the impact in the result of the actions developed by the areas. Through the construction of simulation tools that are used in projects and left to be used by our clients, we reach results that can be simulated and bring visibility of the impact in the results.

Budget and Control
We help companies in the definition of budget and governance models they can control, creating a process that is safe and agile in creation and execution, allowing a correct speed to respond to deviations.

Among the different tools that exist for the elaboration and control of the budget (OBZ, Matrix, Rolling...) we use the ones that best adapt to the culture and moment of the company.

Organisation and Processes

Structure Sizing
An important challenge is to determine how many resources are necessary for each area and for the company as a whole, given the current business volume and the growth foreseen for the future. Sometimes this is defined in an empirical manner, without a methodology, which generates lack of trust in the definition or exemption. Through the application of Process Analysis and Activity Based Costing methodologies, we were able to define in a factual manner the resources necessary for the present and also simulate its evolution.

Redesign of Processes and KPIs
Processes that exist in an area or company can limit growth or generate rework and unnecessary costs. In the Finance & Management practice we help companies to redesign processes and consequent KPIs. We use a series of tools (root cause diagram, flow charts, SIPOC, indicator panels, management routines, among others) to deliver efficient processes, with the involvement of people that effectively carry it out, so that the solutions proposed are at the same time challenging, detailed and feasible.

Shared Services
We work from the definition to the reach and location of the Shared Business Services, going through the study of benefits, definition of the processes and structure, to the guidance, planning, and effective implementation. It is important to mention that, since Integration does not carry out BPO (Business Processes Outsourcing) services nor are we related to any specific IT solution as we’ve evaluated the true benefits and speed of implementation,to better serve our client's strategy.