AmCham Argentina is planning the future


AmCham Argentina is planning the future

AmCham Argentina in the next five years

Integration is very happy to have once again had the opportunity to support the American Chamber of Commerce in Argentina (AmCham) in planning its future. We recently held a final workshop with the chamber to close out the key definitions for a roadmap that will guide their next strategic planning cycle.

AmCham is one of largest associations of its sort in Argentina, involving over 600 CEOs and 300 of the top 500 companies in Argentina – representing 25% of the national GDP. We’ve had the pleasure of building a working relationship with AmCham for over a decade, and this is the third strategic planning cycle in which Integration has cooperated with the chamber.

The highly engaged group of participants on the 02 workshops included 35 CEOs from some of the largest companies represented by the chamber. Together, we defined a new vision for the future and set out the strategic pillars for the next five years. The key definitions reached during the workshop drew from qualitative and quantitative research work Integration carried out with a wide array of company partners and executives, bringing together over 150 different points of view covering diverse members of the chamber (large enterprises, SMEs, startups and former members).

We thank all the participants for their time, insights and feedback as well as AmCham for working with Integration on another highly promising strategic planning cycle.

  • On 6 December 2022