ABAD Youth Indirect Channel Convention


ABAD Youth Indirect Channel Convention

Our contribution

Integration was very pleased to share and exchange insights at the ABAD Youth Indirect Channel Convention. The Brazilian Association of Wholesalers and Distributors (ABAD) is the largest association of indirect channel operators in Brazil, with which Integration has developed a strong and long-lasting relationship over the years. As most of these operators are family-held companies, ABAD created an annual convention to develop and form their “new generation”, gathering the youths and successors of each member.

Roger Saltiel and Solen Traynard engaged emerging leaders from companies in this sector about the future challenges and opportunities facing the indirect channel. The presentation was well received and generated many questions about the challenges highlighted. It was also great to get to know these “next-generation leaders”.

They key message: The indirect channel has a bright future, so remain calm, but be ready to implement the needed changes ahead.

To learn more about Roger’s presentation, the videos are now available down below (in Portuguese).

  • On 25 November 2021