Each individual at Integration drives their career in the direction that they choose.




At Integration we recognise that people are at their best when they are treated as individuals. Rather than defining a set path or timeframe for progression, we focus on ensuring that you have the information and options available to make the right decisions to grow.

A mind-set of continuous development is central to the way we work at every level of the company, as our clients and projects consistently challenge us to consider new possibilities and find new solutions. We need to be ready for each new challenge.


3 promotion cycles per year

As a fast-paced business with a strong focus on professional development, our people often progress quickly. We ensure that everyone has the challenges that they need with a promotion cycle every four months.

Each project earns you an evaluation. Three times a year the partners sit together to understand the progress you have made and discuss the challenges and experiences you need to continue growing in the future.

Every individual receives detailed feedback on their performance, and knows exactly what areas they must improve to move on in their career.



You have unique needs and unique goals. For some this may be promotion, for others working in a new sector, or making a change within the company.

Each year every person has a one-to-one session with a partner to discuss these personal goals and to define action plans on how to reach them.

In order to translate these goals into daily activities, each individual has a list of “do’s & don’ts” that they update as regularly as they wish. Here they list particular experiences, industries and markets that they “do” wish to work in and those which they “don’t” require or want. These are taken into account every time that a person is allocated to a new a project.


Francisco Leite
Managing Partner

Our analysts are our lifeblood. When we look at our directors and partners today, the vast majority have grown from within our business. In many cases they have been with us since early in their careers.


Responsible for analysis and project work fronts

Our analysts play a critical role in our projects, preparing analyses and other deliverables, and directly dealing with our clients to present ideas and approaches - always alongside internal coaching sessions. Similarly, analysts play an active role in internal initiatives. Many of our analysts lead at least one internal project in their first year, taking responsibility for everything from defining solutions to motivating others to give required inputs and building the final recommendations or materials.

Each project (both for clients and within Integration) provides a new learning opportunity for analysts. The project team works with each analyst from the beginning of the project to ensure they have an opportunity to utilise their skills, whilst also providing them with the required coaching and support for them to accomplish their workloads and fulfil their learning targets.

Our analysts are not only encouraged to share ideas; they are encouraged to challenge any part of the project, to suggest new approaches and present alternative options. We urge everyone to speak their minds whenever they see a risk, believe we are taking the wrong route or see an opportunity to improve any aspect of the project. We periodically conduct meetings to perform a technical analysis of the project, where the team is empowered to discuss their opinions and ideas to ensure that the project benefits from all points of view.


Responsible for project delivery and developing people 

Consultants are at the heart of our projects. They build relationships with key client stakeholders, use their broad technical knowledge and problem solving skills to ensure our analysis is robust and take responsibility for delivering discrete modules within projects. They define and structure the problem we are tackling and our approach to it. Consultants play a key role in leading internal initiatives, often taking on the more complex projects within Integration.

Our consultants also take responsibility for leading and overseeing analysts by acting as mentors, giving training and supporting their continued development throughout projects.


Responsible for projects, customer relationships, and sales 

The project manager is ultimately responsible for delivering the project for the client. They work closely with their team and with the client team to plan, structure and execute the project, and take an active role in keeping it on track.

Our project managers are more than exceptional problem solvers. They are experts in leading people, in overcoming challenges and in engaging all stakeholders to ensure our recommendation is robust and timely. They know the strengths and weaknesses of each of their team members and know how to structure the team to get the most out of each individual.

They take a professional interest in the welfare of employees, creating opportunities for the development of all professionals.


Responsible for senior customer relationships and market exposure

As specialists, Integration’s directors are able to apply their knowledge to benefit multiple projects simultaneously. In some projects, they play a more supervisory role where they advise and guide the team, maintaining frequent contact with the client to ensure that the project is progressing smoothly. In other projects, our directors take a more active day-to-day role in driving the discussions, the analysis and the content of the recommendations. Whatever their role in the project, our directors own the relationship with the client and guarantee that they get the results they need.

Our directors lead specific business areas, building up networks which enable them to exchange and leverage knowledge, ultimately providing our customers with increased value.


Responsible for strategy and growth 

Like our directors, our partners also play a role in our projects, whether that be conducting activities on a day-to-day basis, overseeing delivery or meeting regularly with the team to ensure that the project is on track.

Integration’s partners have extensive professional networks and broad business experience. They make use of this expertise to provide deep and strategic insight into projects and to develop our offerings in new areas and industries.

If you have any questions about our open positions or recruiting events, please contact our London office by calling +44 (0) 207 290 4770 or sending an e-mail to recruiting@integrationconsulting.com.

If you have any questions about our open positions or recruiting events, please contact our San Francisco office by calling 1 415 | 766 3570 or sending an e-mail to recruitingusa@integrationconsulting.com.

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