Luís Antonio Ervolino

(1948-2011) was born in Ribeirão Preto, SP, Brazil, psychiatrist, institutional psychoanalyst, scientist and researcher in the areas of medicine, psychoanalysis and the Human Potential Factor. He started his research through deep, intense and exhaustive self-analysis, creating a method for this and approached epistemological concepts hitherto undefined with the objective of transmitting understandable knowledge to anyone. Its philosophy was that institutions are alive, through the people who compose them, and everything that has life is in motion.

He worked in the public and private sectors, directed hospitals and was national coordinator and director of several programs of the Ministry of Health of Brazil. In the 1988 HIV / AIDS counseling program, he transformed mental health principles into unprecedented training to restore internal professional balance, applied to thousands of frontline professionals in the fight against HIV / AIDS in Brazil and abroad.

In 1990 he was a founding partner of Síntese 1 Aprimoramento e Desempenho Profissional, a company that consolidated, through proprietary Methodology ID One® Human Factor, principles contained herein. He was a consultant to PAHO, WHO and in the business sector, national and international. Author of “Training in AIDS Counseling“, “Multiplier Guide: AIDS“ “STUDI (1988)”, “Human Potential Factor: A Science”, “Psychic Triangles: Thesis“, “Going Back and Forth” and several other works and unpublished articles.

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