What challenge(s) do our clients face?

Using an external sales channel can bring many benefits, but key success factors include an indirect model tailored to requirements, data management solutions, and close cooperation with partners.

Dealing with and understanding wholesalers and distributors has been part of Integration’s core experience since our inception. By combining the points of view of all levels in the value chain, we have built a strong understanding of the needs, challenges, and success factors in the indirect channel. 

  • Indirect Model Design 

No intermediary can serve all needs, but it is possible to develop an indirect model tailored to specific requirements. For example, cost dilution can be achieved through multicategory while specific portfolio synergies guarantee sales professional focus and excellence.  

For an indirect player, the key success factor is to know its differential and maximize the value generated by segmenting its market, focusing on the right clients and manufacturers. On the industry side it is critical to map the exact roles of the players to use in the indirect channel, sometimes overlapping players to fulfil all market needs in terms of product, channel, or region.  

Tools such as Joint Business Plans and Pay for Performance policy are important assets to guarantee that the service level and remuneration set between distributor and manufacturer are transparent and leveraging each side’s differential. 

  • Leveraging proximity and knowledge of the PoS 

Indirect players are the last link in the distribution chain before the PoS. They can and should leverage this situation to build relationships, both for themselves as well as for the manufacturer. 

 In the context of ever-increasing penetration of digital solutions and habits in downstream retail models, the role of a distributor sales professional is evolving. Increasingly, value is being added by sales consultants in the generation of knowledge of the market and in opening and strengthening relationships with PoS owners to understand their needs and identify opportunities. 

  • Data-driven sales and cost-efficiency 

In the pursuit of sales excellence, data sharing and cooperation can be a game-changer. Indirect players are in a good position to collect valuable commercial data. Equally, manufacturers can provide broader market vision and opportunities. Achieving operational efficiency through up to date data management solutions is also a differentiator.  

For instance, some models relying on close data integration with manufacturers can reduce stock or credit stress and enable distributors to focus their added value on sales or logistical services, thus optimizing value along the distribution chain. 

  • Continuous improvement 

An increasing number of manufacturers develop continuous improvement processes known as excellence programs to build long term relationships with their partners and strengthen their sales and operational competencies. This movement that we observe in many industries contributes to a consistent development of the indirect channel. 

How do we help?

Our most recognized differentials in supporting our Distributors and Wholesalers clients are our knowledge and experience of both industries and indirect players, and our ability to adapt our typical methodologies to the level of granularity and precision that indirect players need, (which is usually much higher).

We have accumulated knowledge and experience of the indirect channel in many countries and industries, leveraging 450+ projects both with indirect players and in industries operating with the indirect channel, which puts us in a strong situation to help understand the needs and expectations of “the other side” and also bring multiple references and benchmarks adapt to our client’s unique situation. Our long-lasting relationship with indirect players associations and participation in indirect channel future trends forecast analysis also helps us identify paths to long term competitive advantage for our clients, anticipating the issues of wider market participants.  

Our standard operational and sales competency evaluation (see PRM methodology) benefits from our proprietary database of over 2,500+ wholesalers and distributors and enables us to compare one distribution network or one distributor with market references, connect with the best-in-class, share best practices, as well as identify suitable prospects for our clients when required. 

Commonly applied services

Our methodologies are especially suited to support both wholesalers and distributors:


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Fernando Rodriguez, Sales and Distribution Director at Phillip Morris, talks about why he chose to hire Integration, and the project experience that followed.

Fernando Rodriguez, Sales and Distribution Director | Philip Morris

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Ricardo Garcia, Managing Director | Camanchaca


Alice Maschera

Alice Maschera is a manager within Integration's UK office. Alice is a specialist in the field of Marketing and Sales having supported numerous Consumer Goods and Retail companies in their market entry and commercial strategy. A graduate from the University of Cambridge, Alice is well-rounded and experienced across many of Integration's methodologies and service areas.

Roger Saltiel

Roger is a partner at Integration and has been working since 2002 in the Marketing & Sales practice. Considered an authority in the Indirect Channel and Partner Relationship Management (PRM), he is a member of the Associação Brasileira de Atacadistas e Distribuidores (ABAD) [Brazilian Association of Wholesalers and Distributors], working in the leadership of the [...]

Vinicius Olivo

Vinicius brings a broad and deep understanding of our Marketing & Sales solutions having joined Integration in 2011. He supported leading national and international organizations in Retail and Consumer Goods in building sustainable competitive advantage. His project experience ranges from Go-to-Market models, Market Scans, Customer Segmentation, Category Management and Perfect Store design.