Integration has served numerous leading household brands in the Consumer Goods industry. Working across 29 countries, we’ve supported Beverages companies in the Americas, Beauty & Personal Care businesses in Europe and White Goods manufacturers in Asia.

We have had the pleasure of working with clients across all subsectors and alongside each step of the value chain, ranging from raw material importers and exporters to manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers.

We leverage our sector knowledge, business expertise, and unique method to support our clients to overcome their specific challenges and realize their opportunities.


Against a backdrop of changing consumer demands, established businesses are locked in battle against new innovators.

Unlike FMCG, Durable Goods presents a unique set of challenges, changing the way the Supply Chain and the Commercial teams need to work together to maintain efficiency and profitability.

In an industry characterized by variety, organizations must determine their unique recipe of success factors to drive sales across categories, channels and geographies.

Under pressure to maintain high margins, industry players must find how to balance the costs and need for innovation and consumer engagement.

*We have also supported (and continue to support) numerous Consumer Goods organizations who do not identify exactly with the above categories. E.g. Clothing, Home & Garden, Leisure Goods and Pet Care. Please get in touch below to discuss our track record and how we can help.



In the video, Andreas Zeidler, Vice-President of Business Development at the German company Vorwerk, talks about the support given by Integration during a large project related to the global IT network and business reengineering.

Andreas Zeidler, Vice-President of Business Development – Germany | Vorwerk

In this video, Ms Steinhauser talks about Integration’s work alongside Natura in the refinement of the scope, methodologies and the design of processes for the launch of the company’s digital platform. One of the differentials pointed out by Carolina is the attention with change management, risk gathering and project impacts.

Carolina Steinhauser, Financial Manager | Natura

Fernando Rodriguez, Sales and Distribution Director at Phillip Morris, talks about why he chose to hire Integration, and the project experience that followed.

Fernando Rodriguez, Sales and Distribution Director | Philip Morris

In this video, Mr Marino highlights in the video some milestones of the projects developed by Integration alongside Natura, among them the fact of defining the methodology well, bringing methodology, allocating competent professionals and guaranteeing the implementation of the projects.

José Vicente Marino, Vice-President of Business | Natura

In this video, Mr Garcia talks about how Integration helped the company, which suffered many changes and improvements after going public, to conduct an in-depth analysis to reach better results and solutions. He remembers that after a broad analysis of the consultancy options, Integration was able to take a team with a simple, competent and diligent profile, concluding in results achieved alongside the client.

Ricardo Garcia, Managing Director | Camanchaca

In this video, Mr Vontobel describes the complex scenario Vonpar were in and the organisational model they created. He contracted Integration to identify some problems and was impressed with the way of interacting alongside the client in the search for solutions, which meant the result of the work truly became a reality.

Ricardo Vontobel, President | Vonpar