Providing our clients and consultants access to proprietary knowledge, data, research and analysis, and a global network of experts

Our purpose

Data, information, and expertise are widely available but not all of it deserves our attention. At Integration, we understand the importance of using human intelligence to filter valuable and relevant knowledge to help address our client’s needs. 

Our Knowledge Management competence center works closely with our consulting teams to deliver better solutions to our clients, helping them to answer difficult questions such as:

  • How does my SG&A cost compare to industry benchmarks?
  • What organizational structure do other large companies in my sector use?
  • What consumer segments should I target in this new market?
  • What are the current issues impacting my market?
  • What is the forecast data for my industry?

We do this by providing access to proprietary knowledge, data, research and analysis, and a global network of experts.

What challenges do we help our clients overcome?

Proprietary Knowledge

  • Toolkits to guide our approach – we make available over 300 ‘toolkits’ to our consultants which share Integration methodologies, covering 1,100+ case examples, 8,500+ slides of key concepts, 270+ experience videos, and 300+ product references.
  • Benchmarking – we use our proprietary benchmarking databases to measure our clients against their competitors. For instance, our database of over 2,500 wholesalers and distributors enables us to compare distribution networks, connect with best-in-class companies, and share best practices. Other examples are our 550 organizational structure benchmarks and the references we can offer by sector for the cost to serve P&L lines (selling, logistics, trade marketing, and discounts) as a percentage of net sales.

Data, Research & Analysis

  • Secondary research – we conduct research across a suite of paid for, public, and internally generated data, often the result of robust fieldwork. We monitor these sources for quality and currency and provide in-depth analysis and insights.
  • Primary research – many of our team have previous experience as market researchers and can conduct interviews, questionnaires, and focus groups to provide perspective to our consultants and clients.
  • Advanced analytics – working alongside our Digital and Tech.Lab Competence Center, we have developed our own data-lake of public information that allows us to perform analysis on a very granular level and generate important insights.

Network of Experts

  • Integration has access to a global network of over 800,000 experts both inside and outside the company, covering multiple fields and 150 industries, who can bring perspective to many of our client’s problems.

Knowledge Management

  • We have also provided advice to many of our clients on how to structure, organize, and run a Knowledge Management area. Based on our experience, we can help companies to understand how to build a knowledge function from the inside so that it becomes something that is done naturally, in the day to day and delivers the value you need.

How do we work?

We support our consultants along the entire project journey:

Deep dive into data, including advanced analyticsBenchmarks and best practiceExternal Experts Knowledge captured to continuously update methodologies and benchmarksLessons learned reviewed Proprietary knowledge – methodologies and casesInternal specialistsIndustry, market, company and country data Set Up During the project Closure



Our client, a market leader in personal care, needed to make some strategic choices regarding expansion in one of their operations, covering countries in Central America and the Caribbean. Given the diversity of these countries, in-depth analysis of historical and forecasted, social, economic, political and market data was required for these decisions to be taken.


Knowledge Management worked together with the project team to list the required KPIs, which ranged from economic indicators, like GDP and economic openness, to corruption rates, political instability, demographics, as well as channel and category data.

Knowledge Management sourced the information from our suite of paid for, public and internally generated data. Over 100 reports and 50 indicators were analyzed and combined with the perspective of our internal and external experts.


The country segmentation was presented to the company and discussed by leadership at a full day workshop. Using the country segmentation analysis, the company was able to identify the best market to pursue and relevant opportunities and entry strategies.


Cecilia Carballada

Cecilia works in the Knowledge Management area based in Argentina. Prior to Integration, she worked in the market research industry, having served as a director of the qualitative area at CIT, a senior research consultant at GfK, and director of qualitative projects at Ipsos. Her primary responsibilities have included management of market research projects and [...]

Guido Solari

Guido is the leader of our Buenos Aires and Santiago office and is a director within our Marketing & Sales practice. Having worked with Integration since 2006, he has completed a wealth of projects across Latin America, the United States, Canada and Europe with clients spanning many sectors, including Retail, Consumer Goods, Government, Healthcare and [...]

Nick Gemmell

Nick Gemmell is Integration's copy editor and works in the area of Knowledge Management. Before joining Integration in April 2021, Nick worked as a translator and a researcher for various organizations and companies in the United States, Germany, and Brazil, such as Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), KERN AG, Goethe University Frankfurt, OTB English, [...]

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