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    Our objective is to contribute to reach the organisational objectives through the identification and understanding of the professional profiles, the interprofessional complementarity of the teams and the structuring of the organisational modeling, its culture and environment, also stimulating its professionals to have a greater availability of their capacities.

In the Human Factors & Organisations practice

Respect for each organisation’s singularity: We believe that each organisation is unique, has its own history and creates its own organisational environment. This understanding makes us know and respect each organisation, each culture, each story and adapt not only our solutions, but also our way of working with each client.

Strengthening of Integration, its teams and professionals: For us to work this way, we invest in the strengthening of Integration itself, through the creation of an organisational environment that provides lessons learned and constant evolution, of our own management model, team and professional development.

Way of working: The respect for each organisation and the investment in strengthening Integration’s own made us develop a way of working that allows the acknowledgment of our clients through the ability to generate change and implement projects of different natures, leaving a legacy for the companies and the professionals. This way of working includes the appreciation of the client’s knowledge, cooperation and commitment of people in the projects.

Our Differentials

Find out more about our Human Factors & Organisations area in the video below:

Connection of the spheres: organisation, team and individual.
The coherence between purpose and organisational environment depend on the connection with the human factor. Thus, individuals and teams evolve and expand the organisational performance inasmuch as they are more aware of the purpose of the company.

  • André Farat

    André Farat

    Consultant – Brazil

    Selected Expertise:
    Organisational transformation processes, Implementation of Marketing and Trade processes and other complex implementations, Change Management, PMI and Organisational Culture.

  • Carolina Reis

    Carolina Reis

    Consultant – Brazil

    Selected Expertise:
    Change Management and Implementation of Organisational Structure.

  • Renata Moura

    Renata Moura

    Partner – Brazil

    Selected Expertise:
    Organisational Transformation in Privatisations, M&A, Governance Model, Culture and Brand, People Management and Leader Development.

  • Wesley Miquelino

    Wesley Miquelino

    Manager – Brazil

    Selected Expertise:
    Change Management, Organizational transformation policies, Post-Merger Integration (PMI), Go-to-Market implementation, Operational consolidation implementation, Organizational Structure implementation and Management of complex projects and portfolios.

Path to reach results

The success of our work in the Human Factors & Organisations area results, mainly, from the following attributes:

The Individual

Executive Journey

Increase the preparation of a Leader for new positions or roles.

Succession Planning
Identify and prepare successors for leadership positions.


High Performance Team


Cultural Shape
Align and connect the organisational strategy, culture, governance and people to reach business objectives.

Organisational Design
Have an organisational design that is adherent to the company’s strategy and culture.

People M&A
Increase the success of an F&A considering cultural, organisational, team and individual aspects.

Change Management
Make the change process easier, increasing the competences and readiness of the professionals to deal with the change.